March 23 • 01:07 AM
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Great memories, history about Mt. Salem

Dear Editor,

I thought I'd just toss my two cents into the mix about the 'Mt. Salem' photo and articles in the paper.

Thank you Ruth Sayles for getting the question of where it was located straightened out. I, too, was taken aback when the photo caption read Mussey Twp. instead of Emmett Twp. I built a house on the spot where the ball field was located. It is occupied by Ray and Wanda Behnke today. I bought an 80 acre lot on the south side of Foley and Welch roads. It was originally owned and pastured by the Foley brothers, who lived just east of Iva and Harold Cope on Foley Road—hence the name Foley Road.

Iva Cope lived across from us and John and Cora Kronmiller bought the land and built a house where Ruth mentioned the store and the post office were in last week's article. Iva and I would sit for hours discussing the history of Mt. Salem Corner. If you dig around on the corner you will still find remnants of the old store foundation. When the old barn went down, we found remnants of a blacksmith operation that existed at one time. A sand ridge ran up through there where we grew some great spuds.

The boys of Emmett had some great ball players, i.e. the Butler brothers, Basil and Tom and many other old family names. They could really pitch and carry the mail. They left a lot of opponents talking to themselves as they left in defeat.

Les Ogden lived in the old Foley place and then later it burned to the ground. Richard Ogden lived in the Kronmiller house and he jokingly called me the 'Mayor of Mt. Salem.' My heart is still there as we raised our family there. In fact, one of our five children was born in the house that I built in Mt. Salem Corner. It's all different now, but I guess that's what they call progress.

My friend Iva Cope and others could really tell the history of the area and Ruth, I would like to see your record source of the old history of the area before it is all forgotten. I live in Lum now, but I will never forget my first house on Mt. Salem Corner where we operated a Christmas tree farm for many years. Some of the trees are still there as a reminder.

Paul Smith, Lum
August 08, 2007

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