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Dryden schools foster unique bond between students, teachers

Dear Editor,

Before we moved to Dryden, MI, my children both attended Pleasantview Elementary and Oakwood Jr. High in East Pointe, MI. Jessica was in East Detroit High in 10th grade while Gerard was in 6th grade in Oakwood Jr. High when we were getting ready to move to Dryden on July 15 of 2005.

They both did not do well in school, Jessica was an average student and her behavior was great, but she had low grades in school. From January 2005 to June 2005 it was a waste of time for her to be in school. She failed all of her classes. Gerard was very bad in school, he was in detention, was suspended, and even expelled, he also had low grades all through Pleasantview and Oakwood. From Jan. 2005 to June 2005 it was a waste of time for him too. He spent more time at home than he did at school, suspended just about every other week and by May 2005 he was kicked out of school. He had a very bad attitude toward school and authority.

When we moved up here to Dryden, we had to meet with the superintendent to get my kids enrolled in school. He had a talk with Gerard and gave Gerard some choices, and also said that I will be keeping a close eye on you. He also told my son that I could be your best friend or your worst enemy. The superintendent made Gerard start over, and he had to repeat the 6th grade (which was in the Elementary School, when he came from a Jr. High School). Jessica had to repeat the 10th grade for the first half of the school year, and then she would start the 11th grade in January.

The schools in Dryden were more demanding with my kids. They pushed them to do better in school and I would receive a deficiency note in the mail every time they had anything lower then a C- and or any missing assignments in a class. With smaller classes the teachers have more time, more patience, and more one on one with each student. They also give respect and they get respect back from each student. They have a student teacher bond that I have not seen with any of my other 6 kids in all my years in the city.

Jessica went from D's and E's in East Detroit High School to B's and C's in Dryden School; she even attended night classes on top of her day schooling in 2006. She is determined to graduate this year by 17 years old, she pushed herself to change her past and do better in school.

Gerard changed 100% from D's and E's in East Detroit Public School to A's and B's in Dryden School, he loves school so much, he comes home and goes right to doing homework without being told to do so.

I cannot believe they changed my son and daughter so much. I put the Dryden schools up on top of any other schools. I am so proud of the difference they have made in my kids. In just two years, even on the MEAP test, my son was tested above average. They are the number 1 school to my family.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day and reading this. I hope you can make room and publish this in your paper.

Constance Hoffert, Dryden
June 06, 2007

Castle Creek
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