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'The Product' delivers big music

The Thumb-area band is making a name for itself among music enthusiasts.

December 29, 2010
I was sitting in a dimly lit bar in downtown Port Huron. My cousin had brought me and a few close friends to Hollister'z to listen to this "really amazing local band." The word "local band" forces me (warning: impending stereotype) to presume I was going to see a group of lanky, long haired teenagers in a garage covering Metallica songs and acting like they scored big time when they find a gig at the nearest cyber café.

As I learned that night, my stereotype was far from the truth. This small little bar was the first experience I had with the band known as The Product.

Hailing from the thumb of Michigan, The Product hit the scene with tremendous force, quickly gathering a following of loyal fans wherever they went. Producing (hehe, that's funny, they're named the Product… get it?) a unique sound of modern rock mixed with something a bit more refined, (warning: opinionated statement) the Product puts to shame a majority of "modern artists."

The bands lineup consists of brothers Bernard and R.J Perry, as well as Rich Bennett and Charlie Jewell. The band made headlines when they self-packaged, promoted, and released their first EP, Break the Silence, as well as their latest accomplishment, their song "Make Your Move" being on the latest edition of the Rock Band video game series as downloadable content. (cool, right?)

"We've also recently teamed up with Detroit's Habitat for Humanity chapter by donating half of our proceedings from our iTunes sale for the track 'Make Your Move' this holiday season," says Rich Bennett. "We want to extend the holiday spirit to those who don't have the benefit of a place to live."

The Product also recently went on air in November with Banana 101.5 WWBN to announce some exciting news. In the session, they announced that they'll soon be headed down to Nashville to record with a big name in music: Greg Arcilla (he's the fellow who produced bands like Matchbox 20 and is responsible for albums that have sold more than 27 million copies… Whoa).

Music enthusiasts like me are always looking for local bands with the makings of greatness in them, but to find one that is not only talented, but also has ambitions enough to self publish and promote themselves is really, really impressive.

I'd like to encourage you this holiday season to support local bands like the Product, be it with a CD or sharing a song with a friend, it's a nice feeling to see people so close to home accomplish so much. (plus, you get bragging rights like "oh, I discovered these guys." That's always cool.)

Have a happy, rocking New Year everyone.

Erick Fredendall is an intern at Tri-City Times. Email him at

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