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It's 66 grandkids and counting

November 10, 2010
Mama's losin' it! Those very silly words popped into my head in response to a phone call I received from my mother the morning after I'd e-mailed last week's column to Catherine. I hope you're reading past the first couple of lines, because I want to explain that those words mirrored my mother's thoughts—not mine!

She called. I picked up. Her first words were, "Kathy told me last night that my count was off. Actually, she told me, 'you have 66 great-grandchildren.' And anyway, Tiffany is going to have a C-section tomorrow because the baby isn't growing, so the doctors decided to go ahead and take the baby.'"

"So," said my mom, "the count will change today anyway."

Later that day I received the update. Shawn and Tiffany had the baby and all is well. Lincoln Isaiah, they named him. Big name for a 5 pound 13 inch guy to grow into.

And now, I'm looking for the paper, the one that says 66 instead of 63, and subject to change momentarily.

I can't find it. I'm not even sure that's what she said. Maybe I'm the one losing it! I'm the oldest of that whole tribe, and I can't begin to keep track of the numbers—usually don't even try.

And Mom thinks she's showing her age when she can't keep it straight?

Mother, I'm here to tell you with all the love gushing up inside me, "You are not losing it!" Could be the information overload is overwhelming that amazing computer brain with which you were blessed. Perhaps now and then you forget which drawer you filed stuff away in, and it might take you a minute to do the search. But there is more information stored away, plus enough forgotten, than some of your degree-holding grandkids will ever have. (No offense, guys, just a reminder that what Grandma has is knowledge laced with almost 90 years worth of wisdom—and don't ya'all forget that! *

* Footnote to you young'uns: read Proverbs 3:5, 6. Grandma didn't go to college—not even high school—she did earn her GED right along with one of her kids. What she does have isn't the kind of learnin' that comes from books. But it's real, none the less. And don't you go puttin' her on a shelf any time soon.

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Willene Tanis is a longtime resident of the Imlay City area and an active volunteer in the community. Many readers find her 'Perspectives' column to universal and uplifting.
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