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Health discounts for global cause

Imlay chiropractor creates medical discount card to help battle poverty

July 21, 2010
IMLAY CITY — Synchronicity. It's one of those things where everything happens in concert and for people near and far it's creating something great. A chain reaction of hope and healing that keeps growing

Dr. Mike Warnars, a chiropractor who opened his Imlay City office 28 years ago, has created a health discount card to help the local community meet their medical needs in this tough economy.

At the same time, funds raised through sale of the cards will help Jeramy and Teresa Hing, a couple Warnars met through Lapeer Community Church, embark on their journey to set up a mission in Equador to help free people from the grips of crippling poverty.

Called "dump people," some Equadorians are so poverty-stricken that they scavenge through garbage dumps for food, scraps of clothing and anything remotely useful, Warnars says.

"They are living in extreme poverty conditions, they deal with health problems and difficulty finding food, shelter and medicine," Warnars says.

Touched by the Hings desire to journey to Equador to try to make a difference, Warnars says he had an idea that would help them and others, too. He began networking with area health care providers—from dentists to MDs to massage therapists and mental health professionals—and created a medical discount card.

For $25, purchasers have access to a ten percent discount from 50 providers, and the list is growing, Warnars says.

"It's a win-win situation," he says. "This helps the local community to receive affordable health care; it helps the doctors by bringing business into their establishments, and it promotes good will from people who are willing to participate to help a greater cause."

He says response from the medical community and health care providers has been excellent, and he hopes the list will grow to 100.

Dr. Michael Warnars (right) with the Hing family; Jeramy, wife Teresa, son Easton and daughter Haven. Warnars created a medical discount card to raise funds for the familyís mission trip. photo by Catherine Minolli.
"I've even included eye glass facilities, medical supply companies, counseling services," Warnars says. "I'm trying to touch on all aspects of medical care and the list is still growing for participating providers."

Health care providers who are interested in participating in the discount program should call Warnars Chiropractic at 810-724-0996.

Those interested in purchasing a medical discount card may do so during the Blueberry Festival and the Eastern Michigan Fair.

Warnars office will have a booth set up during both events, and all are welcome to stop by and find out more.

To help raise funds for the Hings' trip, Warnars booth will also feature high quality spices, dipping oils, marinades and more from Elizabeth Gourmet Spices of Lapeer.

"They've offered their items to us at cost so we can create additional revenue to support the mission project," Warnars says.

As for the Hings' mission, synchronicity again seems to have played a role. Jeramy says against the odds in today's market, once they decided to answer the call they were able to sell their North Branch home in a matter of days.

The buyer has agreed to wait to move in until the Hings' raise enough revenue to fund the trip and the mission.

Working through Extreme Response International, Jeramy says he and Teresa knew long ago that they wanted to become missionaries.

It wasn't until he was in Equador helping to build a church a few years back that he realized their destiny.

"The church we were building is called Remanso de Amor—which means haven," Jeramy says. "When we were putting in the center pillar, I had a family photo that I put in a plastic baggie and put it in the pillar."

The photo pictured Jeramy, an expectant Teresa and their toddler Easton. When their daughter was born, all disagreements about what to name her ceased.

"Teresa had five names picked out and I had five names picked out and I said 'what do you think about Haven?' and that was it," he says. "We thought it was perfect."

Remanso de Amor is now a fully functioning church and the project offers education and community development programs.

The Hings are at the half-way point of their fundraising goals, and Warnars wants to do all he can to help them reach out to others.

"There is so much need in this world right now and I want to do something to help the greater cause," he says.

For more information stop by Warnars' Chiropractic booth at the Blueberry Festival and Eastern Michigan Fair or call the office at 810-724-0996.

To find out more about the Hings or to make a donation visit the Web site Information on Extreme Response is available at

Catherine Minolli is Managing Editor of the Tri-City Times. She began as a freelance writer with the Times in 1994. She enjoys the country life, including raising ducks and chickens.
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