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Summer sports tips are sought

Austin Butler, of Capac, slides home safely with a run as Almont pitcher Judah Davidson covers the plate during a Babe Ruth game last week. photo by Kevin Kissane.

June 16, 2010
It has become that predictable.

No sooner has the final sports season ended when the question arises.

"Now that the high school sports season has ended what will you put in the paper?" someone will ask me.

To which, I reply several things.

In addition to our All-Area teams (which you will see on these pages in the weeks ahead), we intend to publish as much youth league baseball, softball and soccer results as possible. Coverage of various 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, road races, golf tournaments, AAU volleyball and the Robinson Tennis Tournament will be provided as well. Updates on Tri-City athletes who compete at the college level also are offered. These are but a few of the stories we intend to cover this summer.

After all, who wouldn't want to read about the up and coming athletes and find out how those who have already made their mark are doing?

The only thing is, we can't attend every game in person, though we will try to make it to several contests a week.

For us to provide our readers with details of the matchups, we urge the coaches to give us a call with the results.

The top hitters and winning pitcher, as is the case with baseball and softball, will be gladly appreciated.

As for soccer, the goal scores as well as the winning goaltender and defensive standouts, are some of the information we would like to provide our readers.

We would also like to pass along results of as many participants as possible in the upcoming 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, volleyball tournament and Robinson Tennis Tournament.

It is best to get us the aforementioned details as soon as possible (either the day the game is played or the day following the game is preferred) to assure you receive the best coverage possible.

You may call 810-724-2615, fax us at 810-724-8552 or e-mail us at to pass this information along.

Kevin Kissane has been covering high school sports for the Tri-City Times since 1985. When not standing on a field or court with his camera and notepad, he enjoys golf, travel and family. Kevin is a 1980 graduate of Capac High School, and is also a grad of St. Clair Community College and earned a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University.
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