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Red carpet moment for area filmmaker

Almont man's 'A Stern View' nominated for Emmy

June 16, 2010
ALMONT — Ed Spicuzza never dreamed he'd have a 'red carpet' moment so when he found himself right in the middle of one, he savored it.

The artist, photographer and filmmaker was in the running for an Emmy award, keeping company with the likes of Robbie Timmons, Carolyn Clifford and editors and executives from the major broadcast networks.

Spicuzza's film 'A Stern View' began airing on public television station WTVS last August, was up for consideration in the 'Editor program-non-news category.' Considering the circumstances surrounding the editing process, Spicuzza was thrilled and amazed to have garnered the nomination.

"Something that's unique and that may have helped is that I did all the editing onboard ship," he says. "I never thought I'd get nominated. I'll use that old cliche—you could have knocked me over with a feather."

Almont filmmaker Ed Spicuzza and daughter Jessica share special moment before walking the red carpet at Michigan Emmy Awards ceremony.

The surprise came months after Spicuzza scrambled to enter his film, doing so at the urging of the chief editor at WTVS.

"When he asked if I'd consider entering it in the Emmys I was very flattered that he would say something like that," Spicuzza recalls. "I'd never thought of it. I took that as a compliment."

The decision to enter the film wasn't easy. In order to qualify for a nomination, Spicuzza would have to join the Michigan chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences—meaning he'd have to pay a membership fee. There were also several categories for entry to consider, each with certain guidelines.

"It's a lot different than I expected," Spicuzza says. "Before I did anything I asked my friends and family to put their feelings aside and look at the film in a way that would be objective and they all said 'do it,'" he adds, referring to entering the film.

Once the decision to go ahead was reached, more decisions had to be made. 'A Stern View' isn't easy to categorize. It's part musical relaxation, part visual journey, part Great Lakes history. Spicuzza wasn't sure which category would be the best fit. He finally narrowed it down to three, including Michigan history, photography and editing.

The entry deadline crept up on him, Spicuzza says, as he was busy working on other filming projects. He ended up driving the entry paperwork down to Southfield on the due date, making it just under the wire.

Months went by, Spicuzza continued to film other projects. When he learned that the nominees were listed online, Spicuzza went to the NATAS Michigan Web site to check out the names.

"I was not expecting anything whatsoever," he says. "As I flipped over the pages all the sudden there was my name. I couldn't believe it."

That feeling of disbelieve lingered right up through the June 5th Michigan Emmy Awards event at the Royal Oak Music Theater—where a red carpet lined the walkway.

"When I looked at the marquis and the red carpet, my heart actually skipped a beat," Spicuzza says. "It really hit me for the first time. I was really walking the red carpet here."

Spicuzza says the fluttery feeling was fleeting, but one he'll remember for the rest of his life. He's especially thrilled because he got to share it with his daughter Jessica.

"I was very honored and beside myself," he says. "For a split second I got caught up in the moment and I savored it."

Though he didn't walk away with the golden lady, Spicuzza says he'll never forget the experience.

"It was a very humble and proud moment I shared with my family and biggest supporters as I felt a silent pride within a goal achieved," he says. "I was also, and still am, very honored to have been surrounded by the top and leading professionals within the filming industry as each one of our names were called out."

Spicuzza's current project is filming a reality TV show 'Geneva's Rock-N-Ride,' which has been picked up by A & E. The show has aired in Tulsa, Nashville, Knoxville and Panama City, Florida.

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Catherine Minolli is Managing Editor of the Tri-City Times. She began as a freelance writer with the Times in 1994. She enjoys the country life, including raising ducks and chickens.
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