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More honesty would help in U.S. Senate

May 26, 2010
Editor's note: The following guest column was submitted by Celery City Charlie, longtime resident of Imlay City and frequent commentator for the Tri-City Times over the past 20 years.

Dear Mr. Editer:

Keepin the minutes of the Spit & Whittle Club is gittin to be maybe jist a bit more than I bargained fer when I first took on the job. With all thets bin goin on the boys have bin more then jist a bit verbose. Do you like thet word Mr. Editer? Its one thet I learned watching Bill O'Reilly. Anyhow, the topic of the Attorney General of Connecticut lying bout his military service came up. All of us club members is veterans but our take on his statements weren't the same. Old Tom sed he thought the guy lied jist to make himself look good to the voters and now he got caught and is trying his best to wiggle out of it. Ray was agreed with thet but Will sed thet he only made the claim to have served in Viet Nam two or three times and thet it were nothing more than jist a slip of the tongue. Will was agreed with Attorney General Blumenthal thet jist because he misspoke 2 or 3 times, he should not have his lifetime record of public service be questioned. I told the boys thet from my way of thinkin it wasn't his record thet I would be questioning. It were his honesty. Personal, Mr. Editer, my view is thet the guy is just a liar and the question I have is do we need another liar in the U.S. Senate? I asked thet question of the boys and no one answered "yes" so I guess thet means they agreed with me on thet point. It seems to me thet trust is a purty important part of bein a U.S. Senator and ifn we can't trust the man, why should we vote fer him?

Old Tom wanted to revisit one of the topics we talked bout a couple of metins ago. He asked all the boys ifn they knew thet federal immigration officers can stop any person, at any time and without a reason and ask for proof thet they are citizens. Well, I can tell you Mr. Editer thet were a surprize to me. I asked Tom if'n thet were true, ain't the federal law much more a racist law thin the law in Arizona and how come we don't hear thim t.v. people or the White House complainin about the federal law? Ray opined thet it might be politics and I have to admit thet Ray might have a point there. Will Wirthless were silent on this topic, which was quite strange as he generally has a left wing take on things. Maybe it were because he knew Old Tom was right.

Towards the end of the metin the boys got to talkin bout the windmills thet are goin in at the top of the Thumb of Michigan. There were quite a discussion bout lectric power, oil wells and the like but there ain't nuff room to report on it this time. I will try to bring you up to date in the next letter.

Yrs. truly,

—Celery City Charlie

Castle Creek
Milnes Ford
05 - 24 - 19
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