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Imlay City wins coed, boys' titles at Capac Invite

Spartans run away with combined title at 31st annual TCT/CSB Track meet

Imlay City’s A.J. Caldwell looks to fend off the challenge of Almont’s Anthony Bryan last Saturday at the Tri-City Times/CSB Bank Capac Relays. photo by Kevin Kissane.

May 05, 2010
TRI-CITY AREA — The Imlay City boys' track team (127 points) withstood the respective challenges of Capac (94), Almont (88), Caro (79), Armada (51), Richmond (50), Bad Axe (44) and Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest last Saturday at the 31st Annual Tri-City Times and CSB Bank Capac Relays.

Imlay City's sprint medley quartet of A.J. Caldwell, Nick Nivison, Nick Reis and Kevin Shene pulled up first with a meet record-setting time of 1:10.08. Their performance improved on the former standard of 1:11 established by Cros-Lex during the 2008 season.

The Imlay City high jump (Matt Van Dyk, Aaron Thompson and E.J. Webster), long jump (Pat Ngow, Brandon Diplock and Van Dyk), shot put (William Guldi, Matt Fradl and Craig Cutler), freshman 400 (Chase Forsyth, Penzien, Freel and Ngow), sprint ladder (Reis, Caldwell, Nivison and Shene) 800 (Reis, Caldwell, Nivison and Shene) and 3200 (Chane Forsyth, Kyle Guerrero, Noah Freel and Jonny Mosier) relays also prevailed. Those lineups turned in respective efforts of 17 feet 8 inches, 52 feet 6 3/4 inches, 120 feet 6 1/2 inches, 48.91 seconds, 1:12.4, 1:38.29, 1:35.92 and 8:56.81 en route.

The pole vault (Jacob Berry, Diplock and Shene), 400 (Reis, Caldwell, Nivison and Mosier) and 1600 (Forsyth, Guerrero, Nivison and Mosier) relays provided Imlay City with seconds. Those lineups logged respective performances of 34 feet 3 inches, 46.16 seconds and 3:39.31 along the way.

Imlay City's Greg Parker Classic relay of Troy Harbin, Alan Manjarrez, Jessica Stoey and Jennifer Jerzewski wound up fourth, needing 12:43.01 to accomplish the feat.

The discus (Matt Chrzanowski, Robert Huff and Fradl) and coed 6400 relay (Harbin, Manjarrez, Stoey and Emma Thompson) relays rounded out the list of Imlay City placewinners with fifths. They logged respective efforts of 306 feet 7 inches and 23:12.71 en route.

Capac's pole vault (Tyler Sawicki, Brian Kulman and Trevor Hemstrom), discus (Pat White, Frank Potyczka and Ryan Carter) and 400 (David McKee, Sean O'Brien, Nick Osborn and Eric Withun) relays obtained firsts that day. Those lineups turned in respective performances of 34 feet 6 inches, 351 feet 2 inches and 46.15 seconds along the way.

The high jump (Ed Niemi O'Brien and Osborn), freshman 400 (Jayson Winsor, Kevin Tomkins, Mykle Dedenbach and A.J, Misch), sprint medley (Travis Tullio, Withun, McKee and Osborn) and 800 (O'Brien, Withun, Kulman and Sawicki) relays collected Capac's seconds. They managed respective efforts of 50.9 seconds, 1:13.91 and 1:38.16 and en route.

The Capac shuttle hurdle (Zander Hartvelt, Adam Angotti, Winsor and Niemi) and 1600 (Clemens Ehrenreich, Chris Paluch, Sawicki and Kulman) relays supplied thirds. Those lineup stopped the watch at 1:18.9 and 3:41.81, respectively.

Capac's long jump relay of O'Brien, Winsor and McKee ranked fourth with a effort of 49 feet 8 1/2 inches.

The Capac shot put (Carter, White and Potyczka) and 3200 (A.J. Misch, Josh Tucker, Cody Kurtzhal and Paluch) relays furnished fifths. They turned in respective performances of 105 feet 8 inches and 9:29.35 en route.

The sprint ladder (Tullio, Osborn, Withun and Ehrenreich) and coed 6400 (Curtis Patton, Joe Cutino, Ashley Callewaert and Kaitlin Miller) relays gave Capac sixths. Those lineups were timed in 1:46.49 and 23:21.5, respectively.

The Greg Parker Classic relay of John Nothaft, Cutino, Nichole Parks and Callewaert added a seventh to Capac's cause. They needed 13:57.17 to accomplish the feat.

A coed 6400 relay consisting of Dylan Creger, David Burkland, Scotti Langley and Lauren Deneweth led Almont with a first. It took them 21:24.19 to accomplish the feat.

For their performance, the quartet won the Robert Young Memorial trophy. That distinction goes to the pacesetting squad over that distance.

Young was a former Capac superintendent who directed the building of the school's original track.

The shot put (Dillon Melly, Ryan McClean and Ryan Born), shuttle hurdle (Alex Rhodes, Alex Bryan, Austin Bryan and Anthony Bryan), 3200 (Eric Ambrosiewicz, Cody Corbin, Josh Klebba and Dylan Creger) and Greg Parker Classic (Creger, Burkland, Langley and Deneweth) relays provided with seconds. Those lineups logged respective efforts of 118 feet 9 1/2 inches, 1:12.9, 8:57.72 and 12:11.83 en route.

Almont's high jump (Aaron Benton, Kyle Robinson and Rodney Dusablon), pole vault (Matt Harris, Anthony Bryan and Travis Zelkowski), long jump (Aaron Born, Cody Gelinski and Benton) and discus (Ryan Born, Melly and McClean) generated Almont's thirds. They registered respective efforts of 16 feet 4 inches, 32 feet, 50 feet 2 1/4 and 344 feet 1 inch along the way.

The sprint medley (Kenny Barwin, Chris Harris, Benton and Robinson) and 1600 (Klebba, Corbin, Ambrosiewicz and Aaron Born) relays relays had Almont's fourths. Those lineups turned in respective performances of 1:15.83 and 3:43.36 en route.

Almont's 800 relay of Nick Buehrle, Chris Harris, Aaron Born and Benton pulled up fifth, needing 1:40.531 to accomplish the feat.

The 400 relay of Chris Harris, Anthony Bryan, Buehrle and Barwin notched the lone Almont fifth, stopping the watch at 49.1 en route.

The Almont freshman 400 relay of Dakota Guzowski, Alex Bryan, Brandon Hoffman and Buehrle) wound up sixth. They were timed in 53.2 along the way.

A sprint ladder relay team of Chris Harris, Aaron Born, Joel Bock and Barwin rounded out the list of Almont placewinners with a seventh. That lineup was timed in 1:47.05.

In the girls' portion of the meet, Bad Axe's 112-point total proved best. Caro (97 points), Imlay City (90), Capac (62), Almont (61), Armada (57), Richmond (43) and Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest (21) held down places two through eight.

The pole vault relay of Stephanie Francis, Alex Diplock and Jessica Carr led Imlay City with a first, thanks to a combined clearance of 21 feet 6 inches.

The 400 (Caley Campbell, Cassie Durfee, Michelle Marcial and Andrea Gould), shuttle hurdle (Ericka Dixon, Jessica Carr, Francis and Marcial), sprint medley (Taelor Webb, Gould, Marcial and Campbell), 800 (Taelor Webb, Gould, Marcial and Campbell) and sprint ladder (Taelor Webb, Durfee, Marcial and Gould) relays supplied Imlay City's seconds. Those lineups logged respective performances of 54.92 seconds, 1:20.13, 1:25.57, 1:56.73, 2:02.72 en route.

The high jump relay of Jennifer Jerzewski, Brenna Weeks and Campbell provided the lone Imlay City third, thanks to a combined clearance of 13 feet 6 inches.

Imlay City's shot put (Millie Velez, Kelly Carland and Gabby Webb), freshman 400 (Danielle Davis, Autumn Fruciano, Samantha Ruolo and Alex Diplock), 1600 (Grace Schultz, Ashton Tripp, Martin, Jerzewski and Ashton Tripp), 3200 (Natalie Brocker, Emma Thompson, Jessica Stoey and Tripp) Greg Parker Classic (Stoey, Jerzewski, Harbin and Manjarrez) contributed Imlay City's fourths. They managed respective performances of 76 feet 6 inches, 1:01.71, 4:49.55, 12:10.04 and 12:43.08 along the way.

Imlay City's discus (Gabby Webb, Eleanor Walker and Velez) and coed 6400 (Stoey, Thompson, Manjarrez and Harbin) relays obtained fifths. Those lineups had respective efforts of 226 feet 1 inch and 23:12.76 en route.

The long jump relay of Courtney Martin, Campbell, and Jerzewski added a seventh to Imlay City's cause, thanks to a performance of 21 feet 8 1/2 inches.

The 400 (Shadi Rogers, Stephanie Meyer, Jade Detroyer and Jennica Polzin), freshman 400 (Taylor Venzuch, Katilynn Moss, Mallory Nason and Rogers), and shuttle hurdle (Sarah Spencer, Amanda Bryant, Nason and Polzin) paced Capac with thirds. Those lineups had respective efforts of 54.93 seconds, 1:00.43 and 1:20.18 en route.

Capac's pole vault (Brandi Peyerk, Polzin and Detroyer) and long jump (Cheyenne Jurick, Amanda Bryant and Kaitlynn Reeve), sprint medley (Breeann Bower, Stephanie Meyer, Jurick and Polzin) and 800 (Jurick, Detroyer, Reeve and Bower) relays collected fourths. They managed respective efforts of 8 feet, 35 feet 3/4 inches and 2:02.33 along the way.

The high jump (Bryant, Spencer and Nason), shot put (Nina Dalecki, Ashley Brown and Katelyn Parent), 1600 (Peyerk, Meyer, Detroyer and Reeve) and 3200 (Kaitlin Miller, Nichole Parks, Ashley Callewaert and Peyerk) relays provided Capac's fifths. Those lineups furnished respective performances of 13 feet 4 inches, 74 feet 3 inches, 4:53.67 and 12:17.12 en route.

Capac's discus (Dalecki, Parent and Brown) and coed 6400 (Callewaert, Miller, Patton and Cutino) relays wound up with sixths. They generated efforts of 219 feet 8 inches and 23:21.5, respectively.

The sprint ladder (Meyer, Bower, Reeve and Jurick) and Greg Parker Classic (Callewaert, Parks, Nothaft and Cutino) relays added sevenths to Capac's cause. Those lineups were timed in 2:19.13 and 13:57.17, respectively.

The Coed 6400 relay of Deneweth, Langley, Creger and Burkland paced Almont with a first. It took them 21:24.19 to cover the territory.

The long jump (Allison Coucke, Alyssa Leach and Ally Matthews), freshman 400 (Kayla Johnson, Kristen Barwin, Madison Lewis and Leach) and Greg Parker Classic (Langley, Deneweth, Burkland and Creger) relays gave Almont seconds. Those lineups notched respective efforts of 36 feet 9 inches, 59.69 seconds and 12:11.83 en route.

Almont's 1600 relay of Deneweth, Matthews, Langley and Johnson took fifth, thanks to a clocking of 4:34.59.

The 400 (Heather Kunath, Matthews, Kristen Barwin and Maria Mann) and sprint ladder (Niki Coronado, Barwin, Mann and Kunath) relays generated sixths. They were timed in 57.87 seconds and 2:11.4, respectively.

Almont's pole vault (Kunath and Barwin), high jump (Kristen Grapentin, Leach and Johnson), discus (Sam Gomez, Kelsey Murphy and Grapentin), sprint medley (Coucke, Coronado, Grapentin and Kunath) and 800 (Coronado, Coucke, Mann and Grapentin) relays took sevenths. Those lineups managed respective efforts of 6 feet 6 inches, 12 feet 10 inches, 1:31.65 and 2:06.65 en route.

In the combined competition, Imlay City's 217-point total set the pace. They were followed by Caro (176 points), Capac and Bad Axe (156 each), Almont (149), Armada (108), Richmond (93) and Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest (38).

Kevin Kissane has been covering high school sports for the Tri-City Times since 1985. When not standing on a field or court with his camera and notepad, he enjoys golf, travel and family. Kevin is a 1980 graduate of Capac High School, and is also a grad of St. Clair Community College and earned a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University.
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