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'If you know a better place to live, move out'

April 28, 2010
More of Almont's former Homecomings. Almont's Fifth Homecoming was held August 7, 8, 9, and l0 in 1930. It featured for the first time an Almont High School Band. It was organized in 1927 by Edgar Torrey with 27 members. Almont's business men purchased black capes with orange satin linings and caps. The members furnished their own white uniforms. They weren't all high school students. My classmate, Bob Bowman and his saxophone, were in it. I wanted to be in the band but, Mama and Daddy said they could not afford for me to be in the band and take piano lessons too. Piano I would always have, the band would be only temporary. Of course, at the time I would have given up the piano. . .. the band took trips and all sorts of fun things. By 1930 the band had increased to 42.

So. . . .in 1930 instead of marching with the band in the Homecoming Parade, my white Samoyed dog King and I entered the Pet Parade. My Mother had made me a dress and covered a hat out of crepe paper. We placed, can't remember where but, won a fifty cent coupon that had to be spent at a store in town and I bought a box of birdseed for my bird.

The outstanding memory of Homecoming 1935 was that of my first airplane ride. The pilot of an open-air, two-winged plane was taking passengers for rides above Almont. My brother Roy was becoming interested in being a pilot and went for a ride. He kept hanging around the plane and the pilot offered to take him up again and, he could take a friend also. Guess what?? Roy said excitedly, "Let me find my sister!" Can you imagine a brother choosing his sister? We had been daydreaming that sometime he would become a pilot and I would

become a stewardess. He realized his dream but, when I found out (at the time) that to become a stewardess you had to be trained for a nurse first, I gave up that dream.

In 1940 Almont had its own weekly newspaper known as "The Almont Times." The owners were Frank and Florence Smrcina. A little tidbit that they had in one Almont Times was, "If you know a better place in which to live, why not move out of Almont and settle down in peace?" Ha! Ha!

Many businesses had WELCOME HOME ads in The Almont Times prior to the Homecoming of 1940. WELCOME HOME from: Cochrane's "Serving Almont Since 1876" Men's-Women's - Children's Ready-to-Wear. WELCOME HOME from Hart Brothers Standard Service. WELCOME HOME from the Kroger Store. Art Molzon, Mgr., Owen Harriman-George Farley. WELCOME HOME M-53 BAR O. G. Emmons, Prop. WELCOME HOME George Weyer (Grocery Store). WELCOME to the

Homecoming, Glover Pontiac Sales. WELCOME Dinners-Short Orders, Yoder's Restaurant. WELCOME to the Homecoming, Bischak's Restaurant "In Almont Since 1912." WELCOME to Almont, Bishop Elevator Co., Almont, Dryden & Leonard. WELCOME to the Almont Homecoming, Aug. 16-18 "It Pays to Look Well" Harold F. Burke, Barber Shop, Philco and Zenith Radio Agency. WELCOME HOME Perlberg Mobilgas Station "at the curve on M53 in the North End of Almont." WELCOME Dinner and Short Orders, Strong's Restaurant "NO BEER." WELCOME Kenneth Kriesch, IGA Foodstores. WELCOME BACK Muir Brothers Funeral Home.

WELCOME While Here TRY MAXWELL FARMS PASTEURIZED MILK. To make you Happy and Healthy. Distributor CARLJOE MARSH.

Be sure to put August 13 and 14 on your calendar for Almont Homecoming.

—Country Cousin

Gertie Brooks is a lifelong Almont area resident. A 'farm girl,' Gertie is the premier historian for the Almont area, and frequently offers her memories and first-hand accounts in her 'Country Cousin' columns.
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