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Sally left spirit and legacy of love and caring for others

April 21, 2010
It has been nearly a year since the shocking loss of Sally McGeorge. To her family and countless friends she was a perfect trinity of emotion, intellect and a sincere, caring and loving person to the people around her.

The tragedy of love and friendship is death. No one escapes it. We can reconcile it with God but it is quite another obstacle to fill the void left open by death.

We all think and wish we had more time to talk and be with the deceased but it is the finality of death that makes recovery difficult.

The last conversation forever haunts our memories. We think of the good times and with Sally and Doug McGeorge of Capac, there were many, I and multitudes of others, can attest to that fact.

Old memories are what we cherish, but that was not enough for Doug, with son Nile and his wife Delilah, and their children Sully, Douglas and Jack and a gathering of friends too numerous to individually name, they built a memorial that displays the passion of Sally McGeorge on the spot of her death.

The earthen mound of stone, flowers and trees is an impression of the natural beauty of the place of her passing. This monument, a labor of love from family and friends, is on the approach of the sixteenth hole at Holly Meadows. This living testimony of Sally is a true reflection of her spirit and a legacy of her love of sportsmanship.

On June 19th, the family and friends of Sally McGeorge are having a golf tournament and dedication at Holly Meadows.

There is one thing that Sally was superior at, and that was to leave us with memories and this tournament will create more memories of her and forge future recollections for us.

Doug McGeorge and family will be there for the event and non-golfers are welcomed as well.

I've known Sally McGeorge my whole life and I felt her presence at the living monolith when I visited it. You will too, when you read the solemn inscription and view her likeness in bronze.

Only the rarest of individuals make memories grow after death. This is Sally McGeorge at her finest.

Doug Hunter is a lifelong Capac resident, a farmer, historian and writer. His great-great grandfather, Noble Hunter, founded the Capac Journal in the late 1800s.
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