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What was news in Almont in 1930?

February 17, 2010
Can you hear me down here in the bottom of the idea barrel? All I find is Bess Reid's old scrapbook of her "Almont News" columns. The following are from December of 1930:

"Twenty-eight members of the Almont Grange met in the community room in the library Wednesday afternoon for dinner and installation of officers. Master George Messer is to assist in Hunters Creek Installation on Friday.

"Masons Elect Officers for 1931.

"Organize PTA At Almont Friday. The PTA (Parent Teachers Association) of Almont school was organized Friday night in the auditorium under the direction of Mrs. Patinge of Bay City, the chairman of the Second District of the State PTA. The following officers were elected: President, Paul Bretz; vice-president, Mrs. Uri Shoemaker; secretary, Mrs. Frank Hamilton; treasurer, Howard Hough and corresponding secretary, Miss Elezibeth Sawyer. The committee for by-laws named were Rev. J. Turner, Supt. A. Hagerman and Frank Hamilton.

"The program consisted of a piano solo by Miss Christina Hough; reading by Mrs. Anderson Scully and talks of Mrs. Patinge and Supt. Hagerman.

"Refreshments were served by the Misses Meta Feige and Dorothy Vincett" (teachers in dear ol' Almont High when I attended.)

Under 'Almont News' was 'Almont Locals,' which was news of what happened in Almont the past week. If you hadn't called Bess by Sunday evening, she would call and ask if you had any news.

"Mrs. John Weyer and Mrs. Jack Bryce were joint hostesses Monday evening in the community room of the library for the pleasure of members of the H.G.L. Club. Seven tables of pedro were in play during the evening. Lunch was served.

"Supt. and Mrs. A. Hagerman and Mrs. Frank Hamilton attended the Oakland County PTA at Pontiac Saturday.

"A baby daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Emmons on Thursday.

"Messrs. Willetto Bristol, Van Yoder, William Thomson and Anderson Scully are attending the 60th annual Michigan State Horticultural convention in Grand Rapids this week.

"The Nixon Five to Dollar Store is completing the decorations and plans to open its doors to the public this week." (Wow! Almont really arrived with its 5 & 10 cent store!)

"In Dr. Brown's Hospital, Romeo, an eight and one-half pound daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lawrence Thursday.

"Mrs. James Bishop will undergo an operation in Dr. Brown's Hospital Tuesday. Dr. Clare Bishop will have charge of the surgical work. Two of the children, Thomas and Eunice will stay with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Muir.

"Lee Johnson killed a red fox near here recently."

...Just a few goin's on 80 years ago...

—Country Cousin

Gertie Brooks is a lifelong Almont area resident. A 'farm girl,' Gertie is the premier historian for the Almont area, and frequently offers her memories and first-hand accounts in her 'Country Cousin' columns.
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