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Taking account of life necessities

February 03, 2010
That round, blue tin box still intrigues me. A little pocket-size notebook contains store accounts and various other accounts dating from 1897 through 1904. Those in 1897 to 1900 were in my Father's handwriting. He was living with his parents Mansfield and Lucy Park on the corner of Rochester and Hollow Corners Roads. They were mostly breeding dates of white-faced-cow, red jersey, old-red-cow, red heifer, the sale of white sow to A. Young, black sow to Peter Ulrich, etc.

In the summer of 1900 Sam Park must have hired out to go thrashing for Mr. Bade, 2 1/4 days, Mr. Bakers 3/4 day, Mr. Reynolds 1 1/2 days, Mr. Winslow, 3/4 day, Mr. E. Knapp 1 1/2 days and Mr. E. Mahaffy 1 1/4 days. In the fall of 1900 the scene changed. In November, "To Elder Weaver, $5.00." My parents were married at the Park farm in November of 1900 and Elder Weaver of the Methodist Church married them. Is that what was paid Elder Weaver for marrying Samuel Park and Anna Jane Miller?

In January of 1904 my Mother started keeping a store account of household items, clothing, yard goods for baby clothing . . . yes. Sam and Anna were expecting a visit from the stork. One yard outing (flannel) - 10 cents, 1 yard ribbon - three cents, 7 yards factory - seventy cents, 1 wrapper - $1.00 . . . then May 21st, the day my oldest brother Floyd was born, Doctor - $7.00 . . .what is it today?

They bought quite a few bottles of castoria . . . I vaguely remember a vile, evil looking dark brown medicine in a bottle . . . was that it? Not castor oil . . . oh yes, I got a good taste of that if I said something naughty!

How about a pair of overshoes for 90 cents, a good black dress for $7.75, one pair hose for 10 cents, mittens for 35 cents, one pair overalls for 55 cents, one pair corsets for 50 cents, four pair socks, 25 cents, two work shirts for 80 cents, one pair slippers $1.50.

Remember when we used to get "Bible Picture Lesson Cards"? A picture on the front and a Bible Picture Lesson on the back. This one is dated Sunday, Dec. 12, 1926 and the picture is titled, "God Calls The Boy Samuel." On the back is the lesson and then some questions and answers.

. . . . and here is a box of my Mother's calling cards printed with, "Mrs. Sam Park." I guess that went out of style. I remember Mrs. Howard Hough always had a little table by her front door with a tray for calling cards. As a matter of fact, we ordered calling cards when graduating from High School. Did we ever use them??? That sent me scattering to my drawer of precious this 'n that's. No calling cards but . . . I still have the metal bar with the engraving "Miss Carol Gertrude Park." Yes, I save everything.

— Country Cousin

Gertie Brooks is a lifelong Almont area resident. A 'farm girl,' Gertie is the premier historian for the Almont area, and frequently offers her memories and first-hand accounts in her 'Country Cousin' columns.
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