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Doe breaks, enters Almont businesses

Frightened deer leaps through downtown window

Business owners Tammy Jenks and Todd Carmen view the damage left behind after a deer jumped through a rear store window Friday afternoon. photo by Tom Wearing.

December 02, 2009
ALMONT — Tammy Jenks and Todd Carman, co-owners of downtown businesses, Petals & Bows Boutique and Floral and Carmalot Computers (formerly the Cinnamon Stick), were victims of a four-legged window shopper Friday afternoon.

It was shortly after 3 p.m., and Jenks and Carman were putting some finishing touches on their Christmas displays at the Main Street businesses they share.

Suddenly, the pair heard some rapid thumping, followed by a loud crash at the rear of the building.

It didn't take long for them to discover the source of the ruckus. A large doe had jumped through the upper pane of a window at the rear of the building, and was now bounding through the store.

"Tammy was right at the rear of the store when the deer jumped through," said Carman. "Had she been sitting at her desk, she could have been badly hurt. As it was, she was pretty shaken up."

Jenks admitted to being startled by the sequence of events and feels fortunate that she wasn't injured.

"I was in the back room arranging some stuff when I heard the noise," Jenks recalled. "I looked that deer right in the face and it jumped head-first through the window. It all happened so fast."

With the deer inside and bounding around the inside of the building, Carman began opening doors in hopes the animal would find an exit.

"I tried to coax her through the front door," said Carman. "I thought she was going to try to go through the front plate-glass window.

"She had already cut herself up coming through the back window, and she was kicking and beating at everything trying to get out."

Failing to find the open front door, the wounded deer ran to the back of the building and into an old storage room, where she briefly laid down.

"By that time, a police officer had arrived and we tried to get her to go out a side door and into the alleyway behind the building," said Carmen. "She finally went out that door and ran off to the west."

Carmen expressed relief later, realizing that Tammy had not been hurt and that damage to merchandise and the building were minimal.

"It could have been a lot worse," he said. "Had it happened while neither of us were in here, that deer would have caused a lot more damage.

"And more importantly," said Carman, "no one was hurt."

Jenks later noted that just before the deer jumped through the window, she saw a man standing in the alleyway.

"I don't know if the man had been chasing the deer," Jenks speculated, "but he looked right at me and then he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found."

Both businesses previously operated at other locations in downtown Almont, Carman noted. They have been operating at their new shared location at 130 South Main Street since Nov. 1.

"We had just gotten everything the way we wanted it for the holidays, and then someone decided to come in and do some rearranging for us," quipped Carman.

"Everything's pretty much back to normal now," said Carman, "and we're ready for shoppers."

Randy Jorgensen has been with the Tri-City Times since 1980, he lives in Imlay City and is active in many community organizations. Randy enjoys the outdoor sports and travel. His columns are generally of life experiences with a touch of humor.
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