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Vets honored in Almont

Staff at Tri-County Bank hosts ceremony to honor military

Local veterans Elmer Birkel, Dave Nedrow, Sam Luedke and Bert Beal pose with military photos during special event at Tri-County Bank to honor those who have served and those who are deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. photo by Tom Wearing.

November 11, 2009
ALMONT — The management and staff at Tri-County Bank acknowledged local servicemen and women during a Veterans Appreciation Day program on Friday, Nov. 6.

To commemorate the day, all bank visitors were treated to food, beverages and a display table featuring the names and photographs of local servicemen and women who have worn or are currently wearing the uniform of the United States.

Almont Branch Manager Carole Marsh said the program gave bank employees a chance to publicly thank those who have served and continue to serve the nation.

"We usually get Veterans Day off," said Marsh, "so we wanted to do something to honor those who have served.

"Most of us have family members who have served," she continued. "We want to thank all of them and let them know we appreciate what they have done for all of us."

Longtime Almont resident Dale Reid said he and many other veterans prefer to keep their military experiences to themselves. He nevertheless appreciated the sentiments expressed by the bank's staff and the community.

A Korean War veteran, Reid posed with a plaque containing some of his medals, including his Combat Infantry Badge and the Purple Heart he was presented after being wounded in August of 1950.

Reid said he had kept most of the medals in an old cigar box, until his children decided to create the keepsake to honor his service.

"Most of us don't like a lot of attention," said Reid, "but this is my home town and I'm very humbled by all of this."

Marsh, whose son, Maj. Michael Harry, is currently deployed in Iraq, hopes the program serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by all who serve.

"All of these people have interesting stories to tell," she said, "though they typically don't like to toot their own horns. We want to let them know we are proud of them."

Local veterans whose names were collected by bank employees, included: Patrick Smylie, Robert Stroup, Johnny Vineyard, Lloyd Edgett, George Bader, Stanley Lewandowsky, Steve Hines, David Nedrow, Elmer Birkel, Wes Wagester, Louis Smita, Bert Beal, Robert Shoemaker, the Perdue family, Parsell family, Sam Luedki, Art Kamps, D. Smith, John Kasdorf, Dale Reid, Mark Paun and Derek Smith.

Those currently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq are: Christopher Reske, Russell Roszczewski, Michael Harry, Kevin Wood, and brothers, Joshua Cobbett and Michael Cobbett.

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