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Book of clippings is treasured

October 21, 2009
Recently I related some Almont news from a 1931 newspaper. During the weekend granddaughter Carlee Land brought me an interesting book called "The Schuneman Scrapbook.'' On the cover it tells us that it is "A Collection of Clippings that two dear ladies kept from approximately 1910-1935 of Goodland Twp. and the Imlay City area in Lapeer County, Michigan. Transcribed by Cletta Liddie-Juip.'' The book belongs to Cletta and I have been guarding it with my life. Such a treasury of history.

Some names have a familiar ring as my Grandparents, Jim and Gertie Miller, lived in Imlay City at one time. Bade, Dahn, Dorrow, Cora Kendrick, Pritzel (I remember an Emma Pritzel working in Weyer's Grocery in Almont), Rathsburg and Muir's store are a few oldies.

Some news items were short and to the point. "Grandma Banner is getting better.'' "Picnics have commenced.'' "Bert King has purchased a fast driving horse from parties in Capac.'' "George Ferrett and Amos Ennis are sporting new top buggies.''

Other news items were long and flowery, those of weddings and funerals. The following is the write-up of Grandmother's friend Cora Kendrick. "WEDDED IN A BOWER OF SPRING BLOSSOMS—Miss Cora Kendrick Became the Wife of Rev. E. Collins Yesterday at High Noon—WILL HONEYMOON IN FLORIDA. Very attractive was the wedding of Miss Cora Kendrick and the Rev. Edrie Collins, celebrated at high noon on Wednesday, March 8, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Kendrick on Bancroft St.

To the strains of the Lohengrin wedding march, played by Mrs. Eva Remington Fee of Flint, the bridal party assembled in front of an altar of ferns and spring flowers. The wedding was solemnized by the Rev. Mr. Paul, the impressive ring ceremony being used. During the service Mrs. Fee sang, "O Promise Me'' and "The Life Road.''

The bride was gowned in white crepe meteor silk with a bodice of silver lace and was attended by Mrs. Ernest Carey of Flint, as matron of honor. The groom was supported by Mr. Ernst Carey as groomsman.

Following the wedding a delectable four course luncheon was served. Miss Hazel Burlingham, Miss Marguerite Walker, and Misses Alice Fenner and Gladys Barnes acting as waiters.

Mrs. Collins has been very active in the religious and social circles of Imlay City and has a host of warm friends that wish for her all the happiness throughout her future life. The groom is the former pastor of the Congregational Church of Imlay City.

The bride and groom neatly eluded the wedding guests and departed on the 2 o'clock car for Detroit, and will go from there on an extended honeymoon trip to St. Petersburg, Fla. and from there to California.''

It used to be popular to charivari (known better these days as shivaree) the newlyweds. Even Red and I were charivaried. With guns blasting and friends hollering, we were blasted out of bed.

Tune in next week and read of the Robertson charivari near Almont.

— Country Cousin

Gertie Brooks, of Almont, has been a columnist for the Tri-City Times for over three decades now. Gertie's style of reliving days long past in her writing make her one of the Times' most popular columnists.
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