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Observations abound this week

October 07, 2009
It seems my attempt to thinly disguise an individual whose car burned up over the Labor Day weekend is rather thin, indeed.

I am heartened by the following observation, which made its way into my email inbox on Wednesday, September 23, the same day the column appeared in the paper. Bev Waller (another Attica wise acre—her words) shares this about my friend, "Tim Wheeling:"


I was sorry to hear about your friend, Tim Wheeling. I think he just may be an acquaintance or maybe a cousin to this guy I know, Tom Wearing.

Tom shares many of the fine attributes that your friend Tim has.

I've heard said that not only would Tom give you the shirt off his back; but, would probably iron it for you first.

When I hear all the horror stories about "No Good Men Out There" ... I beg to differ. We here in Attica/Imlay City are more than gifted to have two super guys in our midst, Tim and Tom.

Maybe your friend, Tim would be interested in a Harley Sportster that I saw listed for sale in the Tri-City Times. Someone told me that they saw this very avant garde femme fatale driving around town on just such a bike. It's just an idea.

Maybe the Sportster would not be a very practical idea, carrying a tux and musical equipment might pose somewhat of a balance problem on a bike...

Well, she's right on about Tim...uhm...Tom. As for the Sportster swap, I'll have to check with the owner...femme fatale? Not so much...More like femme fifty-something...

A couple others decided to write in about Tim—people who don't live in the area any longer so I'm certain they didn't make the 'Tommy-Boy' connection.

Here's what Carolyn Laarman of Lewiston had to say:

That (column) is so good. Tim must be a very special person. What a guy with such a great sense of humor. Good for him.

Reminds me of about ten years ago when a very similar thing happened in the parking lot at McDonald's to the fellow who borrowed our son's vehicle (Jeep, I think)!

I love the feedback, and Tim...Tom really appreciates it, too.

While on the subject of flames, I must say that I'm burning up a little bit about all the hoopla surrounding this Roman Polanski thing. Is it me or has Hollywood gone off its rocker? Let the courts deal with the situation. The man pled guilty to having sex with a minor—the original charges were much, much worse and were based on direct testimony from the victim. A 13-year-old! A 13-year-old!! So what if it was 30 years ago? He was in his 40s and he drugged and coerced a 13-year-old. Anyone who has read the transcripts of the victim's grand jury testi-mony can plainly see that his actions were criminal. All of his backers claim that "this genius" is being persecuted in his old age...The only genius I see is a truly pathetic "man" who's been street smart enough for three decades to evade our system of justice while getting rich off of movies patronized by U.S. citizens, among others. Now if that's genius, I'll consider myself a moron...

...There is no good segue into the next little topic that's making waves these days. Anyhow, Sarah Palin's book 'Going Rogue' is already selling out before it's even hit the shelves. That's fine. Another fine example of the money-making machine that is entertainment.

What's troubling is once again the comments accompanying articles about the Palin phenomenon in modern culture rapidly deteriorate to name calling, slurs, stereotyping and downright nastiness from "both sides" of the political spectrum.

Yet another indicator of the huge divide...and of a disregard for our system. People bash 'Caribou Barbie' and people bash 'Elitist Obama-the-community-organizer.' But 'Caribou Barbie' is not our president. That candidate lost the election. Like it or not our president was elected by a majority of the people. In the system that we all hold so near and dear to our hearts, he will be our president for three years and two months longer. Anyone who's familiar with U.S. government also knows that the president can hardly make a move without the hordes of politicians in the House and Senate who were also elected by a majority of the people. This is the way our system works. We can either all get together on it or simply ignore the process—the latter seeming the more popular way to go these days.

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