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Trip to Port Huron a nostalgic event

September 23, 2009
Never a trip to Port Huron without having a touch of nostalgia, sometimes a severe case.

I have probably told the following story before but, my scrapbooks of columns are stashed in a 'pod' parked in my driveway while my apartment is being restored. The Heim families and employees plus my family have been hard at work. I am still hanging out with Lee and Lynda near Mayville. By the time you read this Daisy and I should be home. Back to my story.

A year ago I got the sudden impulse to see the sunrise over Lake Huron. Daisy and I, her bowl of breakfast and drinking water, hopped in the car and were off. We missed the actual sunrise by a few minutes but, it was still awesome.

It was a beautiful day and I felt a severe case of nostalgia overtaking me which soon found us in Pine Grove Park. Having Daisy with me I didn't stay too long but, long enough to take the accompanying snapshot. I reminisced of when the mail boat used to leave in the vicinity of the Huron Lightship to take mail to and receive mail from the freighters. There aren't as many freighters as in years past and they don't salute or signal with their familiar honks. All are electronic. Although the Huron Lightship usually salutes and the freighters return the salute.

When staying overnight with Grandpa and Grandma Miller in Port Huron, I loved hearing the freighters signaling in the night. Also the fog horn. They lived on the corner of Military and St. Clair (I think), a block from Pine Grove Park. It is now a parking lot for the hospital. It broke my heart when I first discovered the beloved home of Grandpa and Grandma... ..gone??? Oh NO!!! I was in such shock that I didn't stop for a stop street and nearly caused an accident. And, Mr. and Mrs. Tank's house in the block north of them???? Gone also. Mr. Tank operated the street car that picked us up at the corner of Military (I think) and Pine Grove and took us, on what seemed to me a long trip, to Sperry's Department Store.

Gone also was the home across the street from Grandpa and Grandma where a little girl named Marie lived. I played with her when spending a week in the summer with Grandma and Grandpa. She lived with her mother who had a crippled leg and used a crutch. Also a bothersome brother. Marie had never been on a farm and I invited her to visit me. They didn't have a car and neither did my Grandparents but, she could come home with us sometime and go back to Port Huron with brother Floyd who was a Parke Davis pharmaceutical salesman and Port Huron was in his territory. It never happened. Grandpa and Grandma came by train that fall for Grandpa to drive Maude and Star on the potato digger and had a stroke one evening at the supper table. They spent the rest of their lives living with us. No nursing homes back then.

Port Huron has always been a special memory for me and maybe you are able to understand my mild to severe cases of nostalgia.

— Country Cousin

Gertie Brooks, of Almont, has been a columnist for the Tri-City Times for over three decades now. Gertie's style of reliving days long past in her writing make her one of the Times' most popular columnists.
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