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Drying out and saving memories

August 26, 2009
This story of the infamous early Sunday morning, August 9th storm is a little late but, I was too bummed to write it for the August 12th edition.

The strains of the old song, "Old Man River" kept going through my mind as Daisy and I were huddled together with our flashlight on the sofa. The water was way above my ankles. I watched as that muddy water covered the pedals on my organ. Old Man River stay 'way from my door, I kept humming, and petting Daisy. But the muddy water kept rushin' and rushin' and coming higher up my front porch. The current was so strong down my driveway that no one could get in and I couldn't get out. The muddy water was Niagara falling over the top of my car's tires. I didn't think the softly gurgling little Clinton River in my back yard would ever sound sweet to me again. Now it was try- ing to wash me away. Might as well sit quiet and try to keep calm. Old Man River...Old Man River Old Man River...stay 'way from my door.

When the water subsid-ed a bit, Alan drove in and rescued Daisy and me. Daisy went to stay with her doggy friends at The Poochie Parlor and I went to stay with Carol and Bob....and they had not yet returned home from their weekend at Mackinaw City.

My lawn swing, which had been under a tree in the back yard, was now up against a tree in the little park on the corner of Kidder Road and East Ridge Drive. I watched the pretty little ornamental bird house that Carlee and Jeff had given me and had been decorating my front porch as it sailed down Kidder Road. My jardiniere of impatiens that Alan and Pauline gave me for Mother's Day that sat by my back porch was try-ing to make its way down Kidder Road. The planter that Carol and Bob gave me with various pretties was on the front porch and refused to budge.

My family have all been working at my apartment and brought some of my precious 'stuff' to try and save...snapshot albums. Hildamae Bowman's "Almont...The Tales of Then and Now" had its pages all stuck together and I went through it page by page, putting paper towels between each. My favorite Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook that Narcia Wells gave me for Christmas around 1941 or '42 when we were young brides in the Lockbridge Community south of Capac and had a club called, The Stork Club (can you guess why?) was nearly thrown out but Pauline retrieved it. Quite water soaked but still precious to me...hand written recipes from my mother and friends. Our United Methodist Women have secret pals who are revealed at Christmas. One year I was Barb Becker's and she made me a great album of letters and recipes from the members. It was saved. One recipe is so easy and good that I will share it with you. It is Ruth Phillip's recipe she calls, "One of Our Favorite Dips." Saute onions..(just a small onion). Add one can of Hormel Chili Without Beans. Add one bag of Mexican Kraft shredded cheese. Stir over medium heat until completely melted together. Serve with warm Krispy Nacho chips.

Don and Carol Heim and their families and my family have been busy gutting out our apartments. We both have 'pods' in our driveways containing furniture, Alan has two pickups full plus some in his pole barn. Bob just came in and said he and Alan and others are going up to move my organ into the pod.

Onward and Upward....I hope.

—Country cousin

Gertie Brooks, of Almont, has been a columnist for the Tri-City Times for over three decades now. Gertie's style of reliving days long past in her writing make her one of the Times' most popular columnists.
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