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Stayin' busy by keepin' up with grandkids

June 24, 2009
This has been a spring of graduations and welcoming a new great-grandbaby to our family. I am writing to you in the spirit of sharing, not bragging. You have been with me from the births of the '3Cs,' Crissy Willing Lampton, Carlee Brooks Land and Corie Brooks Covino. Oldest grandson Curtis Willing was born before I started writing for the Tri-City Times and Scott Brooks tagged along as my youngest grandchild. They all grew up within a mile of Red and me and all of us graduated from dear ol' Almont High. Then there were also Wendy Brooks Crocker and Kelly Brooks Pendrick, daughters of son Lee and Lynda of Mayville.

Carlee went off to Central Michigan University, majored in special education with a minor in early childhood. She lucked out and landed a job teaching kindergarten in Almont. She has just finished 13 years of teaching in Almont and one of her first students graduated from Almont this year. Carlee and husband Jeff have two boys, Jager and Tanner.

It took Corie and Crissy a little longer to make their decisions for life's journey. They persevered and Corie graduated from U of M Flint in December with a degree in secondary education. Michigan is not a good place to seek teaching jobs and three weeks ago Corie, Scott and their father, Alan, traveled to Garden City, Kansas where Corie had been assured of a job in their Middle School teaching English. She signed a contract. Scott graduated from Oakland University in May and interviewed for the middle school band director's job plus helping with the marching band and he got it. Garden City has hired 20 teachers from Michigan. Corie's husband had been assured of a job with Probuild in Garden City. They have one daughter, Ashta.

Crissy graduated June 13 from Oakland University with a degree as a medical assistant. Crissy and husband Steve Lampton have two daughters, Jordan and Taylor.

Last but not least is the welcoming of Claire Fallon Willing to our family. She is the three month-old baby daughter of Grandson Curt and his wife Susan. Carol and Bob, Crissy, Steve and girls traveled to New York last weekend for the christening of little Claire.

Recently I went with Barb Becker, her niece Sandy Revoldt and daughter to Barb's Grandson, Jacob Wilkins', piano recital at St. Irenaeus Church and graduation open house. What talent! It is expected with talented parents who own the Rochester Conservatory of Music. Jacob and his brother Ben also played a guitar duet. The grand finale was parents Cliff and Kaye Ellen at one piano and Jacob and Ben at another for a spine-tingling quartet. The open house at the parish hall was a grand dinner made by the family for over 200 guests.

— Country Cousin

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