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Imlay grads blessed by speaker's presence

June 17, 2009
Imlay City High School Class of 2009, I loved the quote you chose for your motto. I didn't get to your graduation, but I saw a written program the next day, and was blown away by those few anonymous words, words packed with so much potential I just want to share them with the readers of this newspaper. Here are the words:

"Never tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.''

See what I mean? I know some of you grad-uates, and the fears you face, what with the econ-omy and all. I also know there are frontiers out there which those of us who are older haven't even thought about—couldn't begin to wrap our brains around even if we had thought about them.

While I didn't get to graduation, I did go to baccalaureate, and I heard what Reggie Dabbs told you. I heard him read Love You Forever and The Giving Tree and put his little spin on them. Those are a couple of my favorite books too, but I guess I wouldn't have thought of them as graduation speech material. How profound those little books became, though, when held in the hands of someone who had searched for, and found, a place to belong; when read and interpreted by someone who had yearned for, and now experienced acceptance and a sense of significance.

Do you know how blessed you guys were to have him come? Reggie speaks to 1.5 million young people every year, is the #1 requested high school/middle school speaker, has spoken on every continent in the world, and he came where? To our little town? What's with that?

What's with that? Know what I think? There's an agenda that's bigger than any of ours. I think God has plans for some of you that will make footprints on the moon seem retro.

So—here's what I want to say to you—with readers of this newspaper as my witness. Rest in the hand of the One who holds the future. But remember that, in this case, resting is anything but passive. It's a turning of your future over to The One who knows the plan, and who knows you inside out.

Castle Creek
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