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Dryden's Top Ten have big plans


June 03, 2009
DRYDEN — Economics, international relations, biomedical engineering, occupational therapy, elementary education and the law are among the professions the top ten graduates of Dryden High School's Class of 2009 hope to achieve.

They'll join their classmates this Sunday at 2 p.m. at the high school gymnasium for commencement exercises and then head off to begin their futures.

This year's top ten graduates are:

•Hillary Mason, the daughter of Gary and Debby Mason of Dryden.

During high school, Hillary took part in volleyball and basketball for all four years, and ran track for two years.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, playing sports ad riding horses.

She plans work and take a few family vacations this summer before heading off to Oakland University for an undergraduate degree. Her ultimate goal is to become a physician's assistant.

"God has helped me all through school and I know that He will be there for me in the future," Hillary says.

•Jean Cahill is the daughter of Jan and Tim Cahill of Dryden.

Jean enjoys skiing, reading, soccer, playing the piano and French horn and participating in Quiz Bowl.

This summer she plans to work, hang out with friends, catch up on some reading and have some fun.

Jean will major in economics at Oakland University, with an eye toward a career in business and/or law.

•Shelby Couch is the daughter of Mike and Lori Couch of Dryden.

During her high school years, Shelby was the Varsity Quiz Bowl team captain, president of both the National Honor Society and the Youth Advisory Committee.

Shelby's hobbies include reading, writing, bicycling, swimming, cooking and traveling—when finances allow.

This summer she hopes to get a job, do some swimming and catch up on her reading list.

Shelby will attend the James Madison Honors College at Michigan State University where she will study international relations.

•Selina Paupert is the daughter of Joseph and Audrey Paupert of Dryden.

She enjoys just about every sport under the sun, especially volleyball and track. Selina also likes to cook, ride horses and run in road races.

This summer she hopes to find a job, soak up some sun and hang out with friends.

In the fall she'll also attend the James Madison Honors College at Michigan State University to study international relations. Selina is ultimately considering a career in law or politics.

"None of this would have been possible without the support and encouragement of my parents," Selina says. "All of my accomplishments have been a result of their guidance and commitment. Thanks Mom and Dad!"

•Brittany Lewis is the daughter of Alexa Griggs and Jeff Lewis of Dryden.

Brittany enjoys soccer, volleyball and hanging out with her friends.

This summer she plans to work to save money for college.

Brittany will attend Michigan State University and study nurse anesthesiology with an ultimate goal of working at a plastic surgery firm located in a warm climate.

•Andrew Diefenbach is the son of Jim and Kim Diefenbach.

He enjoys camping, canoeing, bicycling, Quiz Bowl, golf, tennis, archery and hunting.

This summer Andrew hopes to find a job and spend time with his friends.

He will study mechanical/biomedical engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy. Andrew ultimately hopes to work in the dental field.

He says he can't wait until he is able to get out and go to college.

•Sarah DeCeuninck is the daughter of Ken and Lisa DeCeuninck of Metamora.

Sarah enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, softball and spending time with her family and friends.

This summer she'll work at General Squier Water Park, and hopes to join some volunteer groups in the medical field.

Sarah will attend Grand Valley State University to study occupational therapy.

•Paul Brestovansky is the son of Greg and Laura Brestovansky of Dryden.

Paul enjoys running track, writing, reading and listening to music. He says he also likes just about anything that involves computers or animation.

Paul will get a job and spend time with friends and family this summer before heading off to Lawrence Technical University to major in computer science. He ultimately hopes to become a 3D designer for movies or video games.

•Cortney Lowney is the daughter of Mike and Sue Lowney of Metamora.

Cortney plays volleyball, basketball and softball, and also participated in the National Honor Society and tutoring program.

Her hobbies include singing and hanging out with friends.

Cortney will attend Grand Valley State University to become a physician's assistant.

She ultimately hopes to work with pediatric oncology patients.

•Courtney Buckner is the daughter of Karen and Terry Buckner of Dryden.

Courtney participated in both varsity volleyball and softball. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, babysitting and spending time with her friends and family.

Courtney plans to work at a day care center this summer to earn money for college.

She plans to attend Baker college with the ultimate goal of becoming an elementary teacher for five to ten years, and then teaching special education.

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