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Call from friends a welcome blessing

May 27, 2009
Yesterday was a crummy day—had gone wrong from the time I set foot out of bed. So when I got home and heard a friend's voice on the answering machine saying they had talked to Mike about going to a benefit dinner with them and he had said yes, I was really not humored. I really just wanted to get out of my work clothes and into some grubbies and plant a few flowers. By the time Mike called a few minutes later to confirm the plans or have me cancel, I almost did just that. Cancel, I mean, which, by that time, would have been fine with him too. But we talked about it, realizing that we hadn't done any-thing in a long time with those friends; and besides, we remembered that in the long run, usually those kinds of outings ended up being so worthwhile that we would go.

I'm so glad we did. The event was a fundraiser for the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association, and the featured speaker was Erin Bethea, who co-starred with Kurt Cameron in Fireproof.

Daughter of Sherwood Baptist's pastor in the little town of Albany, Georgia, she told about the simple origins of the movie and of a couple of others—Flywheel and Facing the Giants, which were birthed in that church. He dad had taken aside the director of media ministry and asked him, "What is your vision?''

The director's answer was, "To make movies I can take my family to without saying, 'That was a great movie except for...'''

The first movie they did they did on a $20,000 budget. For the next, they teamed up with a professional and upped the budget to $100,000. Their biggest goal was to get the movie into a theater in Atlanta, and ended up in 450 theaters nationwide. Then, the pressure was on. Through media coverage, Kurt Cameron found out about it, and said "Pleeease put me in your next movie!"

Naysayers said, "Cameron is poison! Your movie will never get off the ground."

In 30 days in 2007, the movie about the saving of a failing marriage—a battle worth fighting—made over $33,000,000 at the box office and has sold over $20,000,000 in DVDs.

What away to end the day! There's so much more, but if I make the column longer, you won't have time to read it. I know how that goes.

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