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Youngsters write about special moms

More essays from TCT/Imlay DDA Essay Contest

May 06, 2009
Seth Ponke

Age 7

Mom: Lisa Ponke

My mom is special to me because she lets met go to the store and she took me to get some groceries and took me to game stop and took me to my cousins house and took me to my grandparents house.

Javer Arguelles

Age 7

Mom: Juana Arguelles

My mom is special to me because she lets me stay up late. Also lets me stay at school to play. My mom is the best. She buys me toys when I do not have money.

Rachel Tylenda

Age 7

Mom: Cheryl Tylenda

My mom is special to me because her close fit her look always on. She is always nice to me and my brother. She is funy. I like my mom a lot becuse she is the special and kississ me all the time. When I get an it makes me feel good. An loveabol.

Jersey Kolasa

Age 8

Mom: Judy Kolasa

My mom is special to me because I just love her a lot. She is the best mom ever. She is always there when I am hurt and sore.

Lito Vofiel Rodriguez

Age 7

Mom: Jenny Rodriguez

I love my mom because she buy me stuff. Because she takes care of me. She feed me and loves me so much. I do to. And so pretty. She allso picks me up every day.

Bryar Skinner

Age 8

Mom: Sandy Skinner

My mom is special to me because she is lovely and pretty and she hugs me and she kisses me. She buys me stuff.

Terrich Janiaszewski

Age 8:

Mom: Tammy Janiszewski

My mom is special to me because she is nice and pretty and lovely and on weekends she lets me say up late and she is fun and lets me go to my friends and lets me play. She took me to game stop.

Jessica Soto

Age 8

Mom: Veronica Soto

My mom is special to me because she is always thare for me and she is prety and at night she kiss me. My mom is nice too. I love you mom.

Jay Nivison

Age 8

Mom: Teresa Nivison

My mom is so special to me because she is nice and pretty and lovely and sometimes I get to go to my friends house and spend the night.

Grant Grayvold

Age 8

Mom: Margaret Grayvold

My mom is special to me because she always tuck me in at night and she always kiss me and hug me at night to. I always love my mom and she loves me to!

Jonathan Biazza

Age 9

Mom: Christi Biazza

The thing I like best about my mom is that she takes care of us. She loves us all so very much. If we get hurt, she takes care of that too. She plays basketball and soccer with me.

Kayla Biazza

Age 8

Mom: Christi Biazza

My favorite things I like about my mom is that she is respectful. She helps us go to school. She is helpful to our family. She lets us have friends over. My mom likes to swim with me and go for bike rides. She always says goodnight to me and gives me kisses. I like it when she paints my nails and picks out my Sunday clothes. She lets me pick flowers to give to other people. That is what I like about my mom.

Dominique Lee Perreault

Age 8

Mom: Kim Perreault

My mommy is great. She helps lots of people with teaching. She teaches 3rd grade. She is a very very good momma. I love her very much. She is very sweet. We are making a project for Mother's Day for her. We are also making a card for her.

Gerry Zepeda

Age 8

Mom: Maria Alacazar

My mom is nice to everybody. My mom's name is Maria Alcazar. Also my mom is sweet like pie. Also my mom is cool, so cool. Also my mom is speial.

Alexis Robles

Age 8

Mom: Janneth Diaz

I love my mom because she always buys me stuff and she buys me toys. My mom is very special because she takes very good care of me and my sisters. My mom gives me money every week. She gives me $3. My mom is so nice she takes us to the beach 5 times a year. Thats why my mom is special.

Maddie Puz

Age 9

Mom: Holly Puz

My mom is really special. My mom workes for a dermatologist. I love when my mom cookes. I love my mom because she cookes, cleans, and she cares for me. She cares for me and my sister. My mom loves me as I love her.

Thomas Szczesniak

Age 9

Mom: Cynthia Szczesniak

My mom is the best mom, she knows how to take care of 3 kids without a job. She is kind and hard working and still has time to spend with us. She can't get us everything we want, but she can give us love. She is a medical assistant because she wants to save peoples' lives. Me and my sisters appreciate her hard work, she has little spare time. My mom has had a very hard life. She has been in 3 or 4 car accidents. Her twin sister has passed away and her kids. They grew up together and cared for each other.

Joshua Evard

Age 9

Mom: Margirite Phohett

My mom is very speciel because of her awsome cooking. My mom is a dentil assistant. She is very good at her job. I'm happy to have such a great mom.

Travis Whisnant

Age 8

Mom: Tiffany Hainds

Thank you for helping with my homework and help clean my room. She also helps people when they get hurt. She kind, gentle and nice. She also help me study for a spelling test.

Cameron Cox

Age 8

Mom: Heather Cox

My mom is very nice. She takes pictures at jc pennys portrait studio. When she is out of work we play in the yard and we play lots of games in the yard. We also like to plant lots of gardens. We do lots of stuff together. I love my mom for doing lots of stuff together.

Jesse Heber

Age 8

Mom: Anne Heber

Mom you are the best mom in the world. You are special because you do so much for me. You drive me to school every day. She works every day to get money. She cleens my room and makes my bed. I love you mommy.

Dylan Taylor

Age 8

Mom: Debra Taylor

My mom is a dental assistant. She went to school 4 years. She makes good food for me and my sister loves it. She is the best momey in the world. My family loves her so much.

Frank Fricko

Age 8

Mom: Sue Fricko

My mom is the best mom. She is very special to me. She cooks very good foods. She used to be a nurse's aide and she tells good stories about her patients. She has a fantastic garden with a bird feeder in it. She is the best mom.

Dakota LaHaie

Age 8

My mom is great! My mom is the best ever! My mom protecs me with all her heart. She is very special to me. My mom works at Reality Executives. My mom takes care of my hole family. My mom plays games with me when I am alone. My mom helps me practice for baseball. Sometimes my mom will play catch with me. My mom plays monopoly with me to.

Anastasia Melnik

Age 8

Mom: Anne Grzywacz

My mom is the best. She helps me with my homework. She drives me to school. I think my mom buys me good gifts. She always make me feel better when I'm sad. Outdoors she helps out with the granden. She rides bikes with me. She cuts the grass. She is a accountant. I think she is the greatest mom in the world.

Drake Gorowski

Age 8

Mom: Michelle Borowski

My mom is special because she gives me money when I need it. My mom is nice cause she ges me stuff like DS, PS PS Wii and stuff like that. She packs my lunch. She gets me snacks. She gets me books that are cool.

Allison Langley

Age 9

Mom: Athena Langley

My mom loves me becuse she is nice. My mom is very special becuse she is awesome. My mother is veary strong. She licks all the colors in the rainbow. She works hard at home clinning up the toys. She works hard at making good food. She is awesome. She rocks.

Leah Dawson

Age 8

Mom: Andrea Dawson

My mom is special to me because she is nice lovely and pretty. I love her so much. Her name is Andrea. She is nice. I miss you mom very much mom. She is special because she always gives me stuf. She also gives me suprisees.

Haley Judd

Age 7

Mom: Kristen Townsend

My mom is special to me because she lets me stay up late to 8:30 at night sometimes. She allways lets me watch TV while I go to sleep. My mom brought me to the mall and go to build a bear workshop and get a unicorn stufft animal. My mom rocks! My mom tucks me in every night. My mom is the best mom in teh whol world! The end.

Patti Jo Stroman-Haynes

Age 9

Mom: Terri Kohler

My mom is nice to everyone. She is sweet to me, my brother and my stepdad. Her words are always kind unless I'm bad. She helps me when I get hurt. We love each other lots. I love her for lots reasons. I like that she plays with me when I get lonely. She also reads with me when I want her to. My mom is good at helping me learn to be good in school. I have an awesome mom.

Starr Howland

Age 8

Mom: Kristina Howland

My mom is special to me because my mom read to me at night. She is lovely and let's me stay up late. We tell gost storys at night. I love her. She loves me. We play game's. She kissis me good night.

Amanda Brandt

Age 12

Mom: Traci Brandt

Mothers dya is a important day. Mothers day is to just say thanks to your mom for everything that she does for you. I am so happy to be able to have a day for my mom. My mom deserves to get a big thanks for what she has done for me. My mom takes good care of me. I am happy to have such a good mom.

Oscaro Metcafe

I love my mom because she always nice and helps me with homework and she tells me to be save when I go to school and when I got to my friends houses or when I go play outside. If I tell her that I'm going to a place in the store she tell me to be careful and wacth out and if you stay there do not go to other places. And if I get lost she will look for me and sometimes she tells me to stay with her because she does want me to be safe and if I fall of my bicke my mom helps me up and she wants me to be her son forever.

Oscar Castillo

Mom: Maria Mandujano

I love my mom ever since I was born. I think she's the best mom in the world. I like her because every day I get home from school everything is clean. She has food ready for us to eat. She has never come home from work and sleep during the day. Every time I or my sisters are sick she always tries to find the best solution for us tog et better. She tries to find the way we can have fun. She is so special I am so proud and glad to have her as a mom. I always appreciate for her help. She is the best mom in the world.


Age 10

Mom: Barbra Tomtishion

I love my mom because she helps me with my school work. She also brings me to my football games. She also is a good cook and she is nice.

Clayton Elkin

Age 11

Mom: Rebecca Elkin

I like my mom because she is all was callm nice and loving. I apresheat her for bringing me into the world. Also I remember the day I went to daycare she stayed with me till lunch. I fellt comfterbul. Also she lets me play base ball. She watches me play base ball. Also enceriges me all the time. She ses good job after every game. Shes helped keep a roof over my head and put super on the table and cooks relly good diner. She also helped me with school work. I love my mom for all the things shes done.

Richard Koshorek

Age 10

Mom: Debra Koshorek

My mom is very nice. She loves me and one time I was five and I was stuck in a tree, and she helped me down. I was so frightened, but she helped me. She fed me when I was hungry as a baby, but when I got older she still helped me with homework, if I was stuck on a problem. She helps me ride a bike with two wheels, and she listened as well as anybody, when I would tell her a story. She would seem so interested. She loved me and whenever I would do something bad she would forgive me. I try to help my mom with many things. She is very wonderful, and always believed in my dreams like being a musician, marine biologist, and many other things. She hopes I succeed in school, and I will never forget my mother and I love her very much. She wishes to visit many places, and I hope to get with her. She gives nothing, but love, and I give her lots of it. She likes to talk a lot and she is very brave. She is outgoing, kind, and she loves to make you laugh, a lot. I know in my heart that she will always be there for me. She loves math and likes to have fun with it. She helps me understand words in books and pronunciation. That's all, about my mother, Debra Koshorek.

Ashton Combs

Age 11

Mom: Tracey Combs

Oh mom, I love you. You are the best in the whole entire world. You are always there for me when I need you. When I need help with sports you are the one I come to. The reason for that is because you were awesome in softball and basketball. Mom you do a lot of stuff for me. You let me do anything as long as it is safe. Mom you teach me everything I need to know. I do not know what I would do without you. You are the key to my heart. Everything I do is because of you. You treat me very good and that is why I love you sooo very much. Happy Mother's Day!

Derek Nolmage

Age 11

Mom: Stacy

I love my mom. She's there when I'm sad. She's there when I'm angry. She's there when I'm sick. I love my mom because she helps me with homework and she makes me food. My mom comes to my baseball games, football games, and basktball games. She's nice to everyone. She makes me smile when she's around. She works long hours but always have time for me. My mom takes care of my cosin and babysits him. She is always nice. My mom will make evryone happy when she's around. My mom is very special to me and my famly. She helps with dishes and cooking. My mom is good to my whole famly. My mom is kind to evryone and that is why she is my favorite mom.

Remington Verran

Age 11

Mom: Jennifer Verran

I love my mom very much! She has done a lot for me. She has taken me to hockey, baseball and to races. I appreciate that a lot. When she goes to that stuff she also supports me a lot. She has helped me in most of my school projects. She repainted my room. She has bought me stuff to play with. The thing I appreciate most of all is that she gave birth to me.

Erin Mikolowski

Age 10

Mom: Kimberly Martina-Mikolowski

Thank you for always being there for me when I am feeling down. Your the best mom in the world because you give up things to take care of me when I am sick. I remember when I fell and you cheered me up by giving me alot of hugs. When you were gone I cried until you came through the door and hugged me. If I say "I hate you'' I never mean it because I will always love you. Thank you for bringing me into this world. Thank you for teaching me how to walk and talk. If you didn't teach me how to talk, I wouldn't be able to say "I love you.'' Thank you for being my mom. I love you so much. I would never want you out of my life. I love you mom!

Brianna Kitchen

Age 12

Mom: Anita Kitchen

My mom helps me when I get hurt or if I need help. I know when you go to work I know that it is so that she can bye good stuff for me. If she yells at me I will no she still loves me. Even thouth she gets me cool stuff it is not the stuff that she gets it is that she loves getting it for me. She is the nicest mom ever. She helps me with my homework. My mom works hard on being a mom and at work. When I'm sad she is there for me. When I'm mad she helps me out. When I'm sick she takes care of me and when I'm sared shes there. My mom has a very import job and I know that now but when I was little I did not understand at. My mom is one of a kind. She has a good job and a very loveing family and she has a dog that loves her. My mom is very nice. She loves lauter and animals. She tells me to do my best. I do that all the time. My mom trys her best but I know that it can be hard. When my mom does not go to work she and me go places. She is the worlds best mom ever. I try to help to do stuff but it is hard. She love her family and her pets. Think is my mom.

Jeff Rodgers

Mom: Sherri Rodgers

My mother is the best person in the world. I love her dearly for all the things shes ever done in my life, which even for the rest of my whole life couldnt pay off of what she's done for me. She drives me all over MI just to play a sport. That means alot to me, which is hockey. Even the hours we spend in the car arguing and changing the radio, to the channel we want can't stop me for knowing she's the best mom in the world and no one can replace her. Even the chanting of the fans and respect givin by many, my mom still, and will always be my number one fan! For all the times she's hug me when I'm lonely and change my diaper when I was little, and care and trust me so, I'd could never repay her for what she's done for me. Not even $100,000,000,000 (one-hundred billion dollars) could be enough to even equal what she's done for me. She feeds me, cares for me, gets me ready for school, drives me all over to games, and that's not even close what she's done for me. Most of all, what we do for mother, is love. XOXOXO!

Patrick Paul

Age 11

Dear mom I'm writing this letter to tell you what a awsome mom you are. Every thing you do for me it is awsome. I just wanna say that I luv u so much I not jocking like that one time I was so thersty so you stoped and got apple juse and a cup just for me. And when I get sick your all was there helping me through it. I love you so much you might not let me play everything I want or let me have everything I want or even let me do everything I want but I don't kare. I love you no matter what u let me do.

Mary Miller

Age 11

Mom: Virginia Miller

My mother's name is Virginia Teresa Gendernalik-Miller. She is the best mother in the world. She has done many great things for me. I love her very much and I know she loves me to. One of the wonderful things my mother has done for me is sing me to sleep when I can't fall asleep or I am having nightmares. This is nice because when she is done singing, I am usually able to fall asleep very quickly and without nightmares. Another thing my mother does for me is when there is a thunderstorm, my mother comforts me when I am scared. She hugs me and tells me "It's going to be all right.'' Sometimes she even lets me sleep in her bed with her. That helps a lot. My mother does a lot of other nice things for me. She gives me hugs and kisses. She comforts me when I am sad. My mother also lets me do sports, cooks for me, and takes very good care of me to keep me happy and healthy. I love my mommy!!

Tim Roulo

Mom: Mary Leettie Roulo

My mother is the greatest mother ever. She's always their for me when I'm sick. When I'm sick she always know what to do. She put a roof over my head, she puts food on my plate. She the nices mother I ever seen. My dad might be louder but she is my number one fan. She's the one who wakes me up in the morning. She drives me to school, helps me with my homework. She the sweetes mother ever and I couldn't be more lukeyer then right now. My mom makes the best dinners, lunch, breakfast ever. When I'm afraid, scared, happy, sad or angrey shes their for me. It doesn't mader about the stuff or money all that maders is that she loves me. She takes me to places and me and my family have a great time. She takes care of me. She get me out of bed. She cares for me a whole lot. She prepares the nices food for us. She my mother and I love her.That's my mother.

Ericka Lathrop

Age 11

Mom: Chrisal Lathrop

Dear mom I just wrote this letter because I love you. Your always there for me when I am sick and you make me feel better. You don't make me feel nervous when I went to my band concert. I love you because your always in my prayers and you alwyas gave me a kiss and a hug before I go to bed. I love you because you never forgot about me and you love me so much you would die for me. I love you because you care about when I get hurt and you always take care of me. Even though I don't do my best work you say good job or good try Ericka and when you say stuff like that it makes me feel good about myself. I rember I was mad and you gave me a slushes to not be mad anymore. Thank you for being the best mom ever!

John Prothero

Age 11

Mom: April Prothero

My mom is a nice loving woman and I am going to talk about her in this essay. First her name is April Prothero. Second she is me, mybrother and my sister's mom too. And third she is married to my dad named Michael Prothero. Some things I would like to say about her is she is nice, fun, and loving and she has done lots of things for me. Like giving me mony for the arcade in Wallmart. The second thing she has done for me is taking care of me. The third thing she does for me is to keep me safe. Thoose are some things she has done for me. Some down sides to my mom are. She makes us do chores but we still love her. And still in good or bad she will love me. And that is my mom essay.

Jordan Broecker

Age 10

Mom: Chastity Broecker

Oh mother what a lovely mother you are. You are the most nicest mother I have met. I love you. You are the that is the key to my heart. When I need help I know who to go to. If I am lonely or Id id something wrong then I know where to MOther I don't know what I would do without you. Everything you do for my I appreciate is so much. Sometimes you may get sad or made at me. Something I will know throughout my whole life is that you love me. Mother everything I do is because of you. You treat me the best and I love you so much.

Kirstyn Downey

Age 11

Mom: Sarah Downey

Dear mom, even though you yell at me sometimes, I will always love you. It's not the stuff youb uy me, it's the love you give me. When Iam sick, you give me medecine, and tell me it will all be okay. You encourage me in all the things I do like band, dancing and cheerleading. In band, you bought me my clarinet, and helped me learn because you remembered some of the notes when you played. You t ry to make me practice, but I usally don't. It's the effort that counts, though!! In dancing, you let me chose the classes I'm in, even if you don't like them. You come to all of my recitals and cheer me on. You even let me be in company, where we travel to different states!! Tell me what I am doing wrong is really helpful, too. In cheerleading, you are the most helpful, since you used to be a cheerleader. You put on lots of pressure, but it seems to work in making me better!! You tell me all the tricks and tips I need to succeed. Thank you for all the things you have done for me, and allowing me to do the things I love. Love from your daughter, Kirstyn.

Deyton Brewer

Age 11

Mom: Cindy Brewer

My mom is the best mom anyone could ask for. She's so nice that one year for Christmas she got me every thing I wanted! She's also very nice because she was always there for me when I'm sad, or mad. In fact my mom is the nicest person I've ever met. My mom is very nice in many other ways too. Like letting me go places, letting people come to our house, and stuff like that. My moms name is Cindy Brewer and shes always there for me. My mom never lets me give up. But there some down sides to my mom like she makes us do chores but we still love her. Even though through bad or good I know she will still love me. She is the key to my heart. She will always love me. My mom will always love all her kids no matter what.

Leslie Graver

Age 12

Mom: Noelle Nickeson-Graver

Mothers can be many things. They can be superheroes, guides, and even role models. My mom, Noelle Nickeson-Graver, is all of those things. All of her life she has been dedicated to helping other people and animals. She has recently gone back to college at Oakland University and has been training to become a teacher. She is doing this so that she can make a difference in even more people's lives. I am very proud of her and her decision to do that. I believe that she will make a great middle school teacher because she tries her hardest in everything she does, loves to teach, and loves kids. I love my mom and I would like her to know that she truly is my role model, superhero, and guide!

Seth Parsch

Age 12

Mom: Sandy Parsch

My mom is very special. She is more than just a normal mom. She is the mom every kid wants. She's a mom that knows what she's doing. My mom always makes sure there is a fresh meal for supper and cooks all the time. She is a very good cook and she can make a lot of polish foods. She does all of my families laundry. She always makes sure I have clean clothes for the next day. She is a good mom to other kids also. When close friends of ours want to spend time with my family she is like their mom. She also makes sure I get to places I need to go. For all my football practices she makes sure I get there. She takes me to special places I need to go to. If I got to pick I think she is the best mom in the world. (Evan when I am mad at her for dumb reasons.)

Justin Campbell

Age 12

Mom: Cathy Campbell

My mom is special because she is a really good cook. She makes my brother and me food we like and food we don't like that much. She likes to try new things and I do to. She helps us when we need her. We help her when she needs us. She helps us with homework. We love her and she loves us. On mothers day we treat her special. We don't fight and we let her relax. We make her breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do the chores so she can relax. We do this so she is in a good mood for the whole day.

Apryl-jane Flores

Age 12

Mom: Yolanda Flores

My mother is a very special person. She has done many things to help make me the person I am. So mother's day is an easy way to say thank you. Saying thank you on mother's day can show that you care. An easy way to show that you care is by a gift. A gift is a very nice way to say thank you to your mother. Gifts can be from a store or it can be just you. No matter what you get you mother on mother's day she will be happy. That is why and what mother's day is for.

Brandyn Biazzao

Age 10

Mom: Christi Biazza

My mom is the best because she takes care of me. How she takes care of me is by tucking me in at night! She makes food for my tummy because I am a good eater - the second best eater in my family! She is good at playing with us and taking us places. My mom draws pictures and that's how I became a good artist. My mom is best at painting, drawing and acting silly. Yep! She's a good mom!! Well, that's my mom, and I love her!

Bridnely Melendez

Mom: Sheila Melendez

Mom I love you because you help me and you appreciate me. Mom you are a hard worker at no-masters and a no-masters you work a lot. I love you and happy mothers day. Mom you are a good cook. You cook a lot on the grill. I am very proud of you and you a spcial. Mom you are a hard worker in the house. You take care of me when I am sick. You take me to the doctor. You are my gardin angel.

Geno Salcedo

Age 10

Mom: Lupe Salcedo

My mom is special because she is nice to me. She let's me play outside with my friends. She cooks good. She is spectacular at tennis, cooking and running. She is nice to my friends. She is good at telling stories. She helps me with my home work and with stuff I need help at.

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