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Imlay City boys bring home title at 30th Annual TCT Capac Relays

Spartans and Chiefs tie for third in girls' track competition

May 06, 2009
TRI-CITY AREA — The Imlay City boys' track team (113 points) withstood the challenges of Caro (110), Almont (75), Armada (50), Bad Axe (45), Capac (40), Richmond (20) and Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest (11) to win the 30th Annual Tri-City Times Capac Relays last Saturday.

The pole vault (Kevin Shene, Branden Diplock and David Lee), long jump (Kirk Haberski, D.J. Salet and Matt Marcial), 400 (Joey Christunas, Nick Nivison, Nick Reis and Salet), frosh 400 (Matt Van Dyk, Nino Mosher, Reis and A.J. Caldwell), 800 (Jonny Mosier, Salet, Nivison and Shene) and 1600 (Chane Forsyth, Nivison, Mosier and Shene) relays led Imlay City with firsts. They logged respective efforts of 31 feet 6 inches, 53 feet 5 inches, 47.08 seconds, 49.11 seconds, 1:35.77 and 3:35.53 en route.

Imlay City's high jump (Kirk Haberski, E.J. Webster and Aaron Thompson), sprint medley (Salet, Nivison, Reis and Caldwell), shuttle hurdle (Joey Christunas, Haberski, Diplock, and Webster) and 3200 (Kyle Guerrero, J. T. Clifton, E.J. Radelt and Mosier) relays claimed seconds. Those lineups posted respective performances of 16 feet 2 inches, 1:11.55, 1:12.96, 8:56.31 along the way.

The distance medley (Guerrero, Mandy Lacertosa, Radelt and Taylor Lee) and 6400 (Miguel Martinez, Alan Manjarrez, Clifton and Radelt) relays notched Imlay City's thirds. They turned in clockings of 16:04.87 and 20:55.32, respectively, en route.

Imlay City's shot put (Mike Waller, Craig Cutler and Dane Walker) and Greg Parker Classic (Clifton, Ashton Tripp, Radelt and Jaclyn Van Dyk) relays generated fourths. Those lineups managed respective performances of 107 feet 8 inches and 12:48.33 en route.

A discus relay of Matt Chrzanowski, Waller and Walker rounded out the list of Imlay City placewinners with a sixth. Their top throws, added together, resulted in a combined effort of 291 feet 2 inches.

The shot put (Ben Strouse, Dillon Melly and Joseph Tersigni-Witham), 3200 (Dylan Creger, Don Tobias, Eric Ambrosiewicz and Josh Klebba) and distance medley (Don Tobias, Marie Burkland, Creger and Lauren Deneweth) relays paced Almont with firsts. They generated respective efforts of 125 feet 1 inch, 8:54.54 and 15:41.84 en route.

Almont's discus (Strouse, Melly and Tersigni-Witham), frosh 400 (Aaron Benton, Matt Harris, Austin Bryan and Aaron Born) and 6400 (Joel Bock, Steve Savonne, Tobias and Creger) collected seconds. Those lineups furnished respective performances of 372 feet 2 inches, 50.39 seconds, 20:35.8 along the way.

The long jump (Nick Vassallo, Cody Gelinski and Born) and shuttle hurdle (Anthony Bryan, Alex Rhodes, Austin Bryan and Sean Cooper) relays provided Almont with thirds. They managed respective efforts of 49 feet 3 inches and 1:13.03 en route.

Imlay City’s Jonny Mosier (L) and Almont’s Josh Klebba (R) compete in the 3200 relay at Saturday’s 30th Annual Tri-City Times Capac Relays. photo by Kevin Kissane.

Almont's 1600 relay of Cody Corbin, Ambrosiewicz Vassallo and Klebba pulled up fourth, requiring 3:48.04 to accomplish the feat.

The pole vault relay of Matt Harris and Anthony Bryan took fifth, thanks to a combined clearance of 18 feet.

Almont's high jump (Benton and Tobias), 400 (Yuya Uwatoko, Chris Harris, Austin Bryan and Rhodes) and Greg Parker Classic (Ally Matthews, Bock, Cassidy Downing and David Burkland) relays contributed sixths. Those lineups logged respective efforts 11 feet 4 inches, 50.64 seconds and 13:18.22 along the way.

The sprint medley (Anthony Bryan, Chris Harris, Austin Bryan and Born) and 800 (Matt Harris, Benton, Uwatoko and Born) added sevenths to Almont's cause. They supplied performances of 1:16.94 and 1:42.85, respectively, en route.

The pole vault (Tyler Sawicki, Brian Kulman and Alex Nahorodney) and 400 (Chee Vang, Travis Tullio, Nick Osborn and Eric Withun) led Capac with seconds. They supplied respective efforts of 31 feet and 47.6 seconds en route.

Capac's high jump relay of John Richards, Osborn and Kulman garnered a third, thanks to a combined clearance of 16 feet.

The shuttle hurdle (Andrew Sammut, Joe Jozlin, Dillon Hughes and Osborn) and 800 (Kulman, Withun, Tullio and Sawicki) provided Capac with fourths. Those lineups contributed respective efforts of 1:23.31 and 1:39.69 en route.

Capac's long jump (Josh Tucker, Curtis Patton and Richards), discus (Pat White, Ryan Carter and Frank Potyczka), sprint medley (Don Tompkins, Tullio, Vang and Withun) and 1600 (Chris Paluch, Richards, Kulman and Sawicki) relays garnered fifths. They managed respective efforts of 47 feet 5 1/2 inches, 303 feet 10 inches, 1:15.22 and 3:48.58 along the way.

The shot put (Richard Vielhaber, James Morgan and Potyczka) and 6400 (Patton, Tucker, Nahordney and Joe Cutino) relays gave Capac sixths. Those lineups logged respective performances of 97 feet 2 3/4 inches and 23:34.62 en route.

The frosh 400 (Caleb Silorey, Alan Finch, Cutino and Nahorodney), Greg Parker Classic (Brandi Peyerk, Cutino, Sinda and Paluch) and distance medley (Christina Williams, Patton, Taylor Sinda and Paluch) relays added sevenths to Capac's cause. They registered respective efforts of 57.86 seconds, 13:34.01 and 19:28.6 along the way.

In the girls' portion of the meet, Capac and Imlay City shared third, while Almont ranked fifth.

Caro topped the standings with 126 points. Bad Axe (84 points), Capac and Imlay City (53 apiece), Almont (41), Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest (34), Richmond (33) and Armada (31) gave chase.

The shuttle hurdle relay of Sarah Burgess, Amanda Bryant, Cheyenne Jurick and Jennica Polzin paced Capac with a first. It took them 1:20.25 to accomplish the feat.

Capac's pole vault (Jade Detroyer, Burgess and Polzin) frosh 400 (Kaitlynn Reeve, Stephanie Meyer, Bryant and Detroyer) and 800 (Taylor Sinda, Reeve, Polzin and Meyer) relays took second. Those lineups generated respective efforts of 15 feet, 57.72 seconds and 1:58.3 en route.

The sprint medley of Jurick, Reeve, Meyer and Polzin notched a third for Capac. They were timed in 1:26.13.

Capac's high jump (Amanda Bryant and Sarah Boltik), long jump (Burgess, Boltik and Jurick) and 3200 (Ashley Callewaert, Kaitlin Miller, Kylie Miller and Williams) relays furnished fifths. Those lineups notched respective efforts of 4 feet 6 inches, 34 feet 7 1/2 inches and 12:10.98 en route.

The 6400 relay of Kylie Miller, Kaitlin Miller, Callewaert and Williams contributed the lone Capac sixth. They required 27:26.73 to cover the territory.

The discus (Nina Dalecki, Katelyn Parent and Breann Card), Greg Parker Classic (Peyerk, Cutino, Sinda and Paluch) and distance medley (Williams, Patton, Sinda and Paluch) relays added sevenths to Capac's cause. Those lineups logged respective efforts of 184 feet 8 inches, 13:34.01 and 19:28.6 en route.

The shot put relay of Millie Velez, Kelly Carland and Bailey Clark paced Imlay City with a second, thanks to a combined toss of 80 feet 1 3/4 inches.

Imlay City's pole vault (Stephanie Francis and Aimee Newsom), long jump (Jennifer Jerzewski, Courtney Martin and Caley Campbell), 800 (Taylor Lee, Taelor Webb, Martin and Campbell) and distance medley (Mandy Lacertosa, Kyle Guerrero, Lee and Radelt) relays generated thirds. They managed respective efforts of 14 feet, 38 feet 7 inches, 1:58.7 and 16:04.87 along the way.

The frosh 400 (Sarah Smith, Francis, Grace Schultz and Jerzewski), sprint medley (Kassie Brozowski, Webb, Martin and Campbell), 1600 (Jaclyn Van Dyk, Lee, Campbell and Webb) and Greg Parker Classic (Tripp, Clifton, Jaclyn Van Dyk and Radelt) contributed Imlay City's fourths. Those lineups checked in with respective performances of 58.83 seconds, 1:27.19, 4:42.74 and 12:48.33 en route.

The 400 relay of Cassondra Durfee, Jacyln Van Dyk, Martin and Francis had the lone Imlay City fifth, requiring 58.14 to accomplish the feat.

Jerzewski (high jump relay) tacked on a sixth to Imlay City's cause. She cleared 4 feet 2 inches en route.

The distance medley relay of Tobias, Marie Burkland, Creger and Deneweth led Almont with a first. They were timed in 15:41.84.

Almont's 1600 (Cassidy Downing, Marie Burkland, Scotti Langley and Deneweth), 3200 (Marie Burkland, Carlie Lawrence, langley and Deneweth) and 6400 (Marie Burkland, Langley, Deneweth and Lawrence) relays registered seconds. Those lineups posted respective efforts of 4:27.35, 10:47.66 and 24:19.67 along the way.

The discus relay of Sam Gomez, Kelsey Murphy and Maria Mann generated the lone Almont fourth. Their best throws, added together, resulted in a performance of 204 feet 6 inches.

The shot put (Gomez, Murphy and Mann), sprint medley (Downing, Matthews, Kelsey Butler and Nikki Coronado) and Greg Parker Classic (Matthews, Bock, Downing and David Burkland) relays gave Almont sixths. They generated respective efforts of 67 feet 2 1/2 inches, 1:34.69 and 13:18.27 en route.

An 800-meter relay of Kristen Grapentin, Butler, Matthews and Coronado added a seventh to Almont's cause. The lineup stopped the watch at 2:12.19.

In the combined competition, Caro took meet honors with 236 points. They were followed by Imlay City (166 points), Bad Axe (129), Almont (116), Capac (93), Armada (81), Richmond (53) and Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest (45).

Caro won the Robert O. Young Memorial Award as well. It is presented to the school with the lowest combined time, boys and girls, for the 4 x 1600 relay.

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