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Carlee takes turn filling in for Grandma

April 08, 2009
Well this is the middle C, Carlee. On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank all of you for reading Grandma's column and for your thoughts and prayers since Grandma broke her hip. We know she is truly loved by this community and how lucky we are to have her in our lives. Grandma is doing well and is set to come home this week, amazing for 90 years old!! I hope I inherited her longevity genes. If you have been reading Grandma's column for a long time you have no doubt seen all of the 3 C's grow up, get married and have kids. Grandma has asked us to write about our memories of the farm. My cousin and sister covered many but there are so many more!! I guess that comes with living so close to each other and pretty much seeing Grandma and Grandpa every day. The thing I will cherish forever will not be so much the individual memories of the farm but our way of life and how I was raised.

How many people can say they had their mom and dad around every day? We were only separated from my aunt, cousins and grandparents by fields. I remember how excited Corie and I were when we were finally allowed to ride our bikes down the road to Grandma's. We thought we were so independent! Well we found out later that my mom could watch us all the way to the hill at Crissy's and then from that point Grandma could stand at the end of her driveway and was able to see us come down the hill and the rest of the way to her house. Now that I am a mom, I would do the same thing!

Another part of being raised on a farm is responsibility to family. I am so lucky to have a close family and I know it is because we were always together doing things for the good of the farm. Whether it was helping during hay season, feeding our animals or just mowing the lawn, it was expected of you. As a teenager I complained to my parents that I wanted an allowance because "everyone else gets one.'' My mom and dad both told me that we do things around the house and the farm because we belong to this family we will not be paid for it. Guess what my response will be when my sons want money for helping around the house!!

Being a teacher in Almont for 13 years I have seen a lot of changes in our community and the people who live here. With the growth we have had over the years it is obvious Almont is a great place to raise a family. Every year I have taught I have had a student of someone I went to high school with, this also shows that Almont is such a great place that we don't want to leave!! It is sad for me to see all the subdivisions going up where farmland used to be. That is one reason we did not buy property from my family. I knew the time would come that my family would have to sell and I knew I couldn't handle seeing the place where I was raised and could run wherever I wanted, turn into a subdivision. I remember asking my dad where people thought they would get food if they continued to push out the farmers and his reply, "The store.'' I hope that Almont will always be able to stay true to its small town roots. It is a great place to grow up!

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