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TEA Party planned for tax day

Dryden woman organizes 'Taxed Enough Already' rally on April 15

April 08, 2009
TRI-CITY AREA — While most hardworking wage earners don't need a reminder, there's just one week exactly to square up with the IRS and ante up to the government for the joys of living in the USA.

This time around however, taxpayers across the country have an additional message to send to public officials on April 15: they're Taxed Enough Already.

Along with more than 1,500 groups in as many cities, Lapeer County citizens are organizing a TEA Party rally on the Historic Courthouse lawn at noon on April 15 to let the government know that they're not exactly thrilled with the way things are going.

"It's a peaceful rally for people to let the government see their displeasure and discontent with the way our tax money is being spent," says Dryden resident Danette Starr Lowery, an organizer of Lapeer's event.

The rally is a grass roots effort, Starr Lowery adds, and is gaining steam through phone calls, flyers, emails and word-of mouth.

"We really are hoping for a good showing of people to gather peacefully to show support for one another that we're not the only ones feeling this way," Starr Lowery says. "We want to have government officials sit up and take notice that we're not just going to lay down and accept all these taxes and the spending that's going on, that it is protested and people are not happy."

The TEA Party rally is a nonpartisan, nondenominational event that welcomes taxpayers from all walks of life and sides of the fence.

"Conservative, liberal, whatever you want to call yourself we know that people of all political affiliations are fed up and scared with the government spending," Starr Lowery says.

Donned in National Tea Party ‘A Revolution is Brewing’ t-shirt, Dryden resident Danette Starr Lowery is organizing a tax day Tea Party rally slated for tax day, Wednesday, April 15. photo by Catherine Minolli.

Local politicians have been invited to attend, including U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, State Rep. Kevin Daley and Senator Jud Gilbert. They may give a few comments, Starr Lowery says, but the rally is not a soapbox type event.

"It is for the people to be heard, not to listen to political campaign speeches," she says.

A stay-at-home mom who home schools her three children, Starr Lowery decided to get involved with the TEA Party after hearing about it on radio talk shows and listening to the news on television.

"I just started to feel more and more frustrated that all this activity is going on in government and there doesn't seem to be much attention paid to the people and what they want," she says.

The state of the economy, bailouts, stimulus program and national budget are prompting the TEA parties, Starr Lowery adds, and bring other serious issues to the forefront.

"I think people are feeling the threat that our rights are being diminished, so it's an effort to exercise our right to free speech and gather peacefully to protest," she says.

Those who plan to attend next Wednesday's TEA party are encouraged to bring their own signs—and to keep them polite. A number of suggested slogans are available online at

The program is still being arranged, Starr Lowery says. They hope to include a Boy Scout color guard and flag ceremony and a vocal group to sing the national anthem. Organizers and others may also provide brief comments.

"This is a very pro US, patriotic rally meant to let our government officials know that on a grass roots level people are discontent with the all the taxes and the way the money is being spent."

The TEA Party begins at noon on Wed., April 15 at the lawn of Lapeer's Historic Courthouse. For more information call Danette Starr Lowery at 810-614-8878, email or visit the Web site

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