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Sharing favorite memories with 'Granny'

April 01, 2009
Hello all! Granny is still on the mend. She is now at a rehabilitation center in Armada. Her nurses say she is doing remarkably well. Granny has asked that each of her '3 C's' take a week to share our special memories. This week Ashta and I (Corie Covino) get to share our favorite memories from Granny's house. I will share my memories first, and then Ashta will share one she has carefully written herself.

In the lineup of the 3 C's, I am the baby. Even though there is not quite two years between Crissy and I, it was enough for some serious "sibling" issues. The three of us often spent the night together at Grandma's house. We would play in the room above the kitchen. We called it our school room because there was a large chalkboard on the wall. Carlee and Crissy would always be the teacher; I was always made to be the student. I would usually go along with this for a while, but eventually they would make me cry and I would go downstairs to Grandma. Granny would wipe my tears and I would get to help her cook dinner.

Salad became my specialty. I am not sure how Grandma and Grandpa ate some of the things I came up with, but they always did. Granny would let me go through the fridge and put anything I wanted into the salad, I even made my own dressings. I can remember creating my masterpieces at the little hutch that sat next to the stove. I believe that hutch now lives with Crissy.

Another fond memory from Granny's house is of the 3 C's making Christmas cookies. What a mess we would make of that kitchen. Frosting and sprinkles everywhere, but the gingerbread men we created would always be handsomely dressed for the holiday season. Grandma's gingerbread men are still famous at Christmas. She has passed the recipe down, but no one can make them like Granny. They are always the first thing taken when dessert is put out. The ladies of the family delicately break off an arm or a leg while the men snap off a head and leave the rest of the poor helpless cookie on the plate.

The list of my memories would not be complete without the proper telling of Grandpa and his insane dog Dort. Dort had a problem, well that dog had a lot of problems, but the one Grandpa was trying to prevent was Dort chasing people down the road. Grandpa thought that a shock collar would be the best way to cure the problem. With the press of a button Grandpa could give the dog a mild jolt and correct the problem. He bought the collar, put it on the dog and then sent me down to Jerry's house and told me to run by the house. We all knew the stupid dog would run into the road after me. Sure enough, Dort came barreling down the road and for some reason Grandpa waited until the dog was right next to me to press the button. I swear the dog hit the ground and went flying sideways taking me out with him. My whole right side was scraped up. I remember going up to the house and asking Grandpa if he was trying to prevent people from running down the road, because if he was he had certainly found the cure for the problem. No one would be running down that road if they knew the crazy old man that lived on the corner would send his dog after you. All you animal lovers will be pleased to know that we never put that collar on the dog again, although we joked that we would put it on Grandpa when he misbehaved!

Ashta's Memories

Hello everyone, this is Ashta Covino, the daughter of the youngest of the 3 C's. I wasn't at Grandma Gertie's house that often because we lived so far away, but I can remember the steep stairs that were in her kitchen. They led to the room were my cousins and I played school. I was always afraid of those stairs, mostly because I was little and afraid of falling! Now that I think about it the stairs do hold memories! Jordan, Taylor, and I were playing school upstairs with the great big chalkboard that was on the wall. It was perfect for playing school. There was even a little silver tin full of chalk. Anyway, Aunt Crissy told us it was time to eat, we all ran down the steep stairs while Aunt Crissy was coming up the other stairs, she was up there looking for us for about three minutes. She started laughing when we told her we came down the steep stairs! Those stairs led right into the kitchen at the bottom. I loved that kitchen, and I can remember the small black and white TV that was in there! The yard was always fun to play Frisbee in. Daisy, Grandma's dog, would always run before I threw the Frisbee, which was actually the top to an ice cream tub! There are so many memories! I sure do miss that house! I now have the big chalkboard in my room and it reminds me of Grandma every time I see it.

—Country Cousin Granddaughter,

Corie Covino

Castle Creek
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