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Granddaughters pinch hit for grandma

March 18, 2009
Hello to all! This is one of the 3 C's, Crissy Lampton, here upon grandma's request. As most people know, our favorite Country Cousin has been laid up for over a month with a broken hip. Though she is coming along fine, she asked two of her great-granddaughters to help with an article for this week; my daughters Jordan and Taylor. Grandma asked that they tell a story of precious memories. So, with careful thought, the following will be separate stories about favorite times with grandma.

Jordan's Memories:

I really love the barns, because they really tell a story of great-grandma's life. The barn, where the wagon was, had her playhouse in the upstairs. Her mother made the playhouse and her father built the stairs going up to the playhouse. One day great-grandma showed my sister Taylor and me the playhouse. She showed us exactly where to step so that we would not fall! I also liked the cow barn because it was fun finding "treasures'' like old milk cans, brushes, jars, and shovels. The horse barn was my favorite because you can see individual stalls with the horses' names on the front and what to feed them. It also had a first aid cabinet with leftover medicines.

Another favorite memory is being able to play great-grandma's organ. I like to push the keys and make up my own songs. My sister and I would fight over who got to play the organ first! Sometimes great-grandma would play for us and we would sing and dance.

My last favorite, is great-grandma's birdhouses and bird statues that were always lined up on the fireplace mantel. She had birdhouse, then bird, and so on, and so forth. Now I have some of them in my room.

Taylor's Memories:

Great-grandma Brooks' old farmhouse and barns are my favorite memories. One day, when we were playing in the playhouse, grandma's dog Daisy went up in the playhouse too. I was nervous that she was going to fall.

Another barn that I liked was the horse barn. I liked to go into the old horse barn and see where all the hay was stored. It was smelly from the raccoon poop. I also liked to see where the horses drank. Grandma told stories about her horses and cows.

I also liked it when grandma had Bible study with me and my sister Jordan. I liked this special time with grandma because she always had a snack for us afterwards. She also gave us Bible study activities to do with her and take home. She gave me my first Bible when I was baptized.

I really liked great-grandma's old farm house. Now I miss it a lot because I had a lot of fun there as well as memories. I liked visiting her and Daisy because they were lonely there.

As you can see, my daughters have fond memories like me and the rest of the 3 C's. We 3 C's had a lot of fun at grandma's house like playing in the barns, playhouse, organ and much, much more. I am so happy that my children had the same experiences that I did when I was their age. The farm will always hold a special place in my heart because a lot of my childhood was spent there. I am happy that Jordan and Taylor could share some of their memories with all of you. Thank you grandma for this opportunity!

All our love,

Jordan, Taylor and

Crissy Lampton

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