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More clever sayings from old schoolmates

February 11, 2009
Battling a sinus infection has blocked my creative juices and all I have to offer this week are once again entries from a second "My School-Day Autobiography" of 1933. Many had little P.S.'s added.

"I'm just a silly little clown trying to be funny, So won't you be my girlfriend, and let me call you honey." Your Friend, Marion Martin (Kenny) Yours 'til the tea spoons." From Theresa Roszcewski: "Higher the Mountains, Cooler the breeze, Younger the couple, Tighter they squeeze." (Try it and see) From Jean Rose (Spencer): "High upon a hilltop carved in a rock, Are these words Forget-me-not." Yours 'til the kitchen sinks. From Marjorie L. Currey: "Love many, Trust few, Always paddle your own canoe." Yours 'til the table spoons. From Mary Jean Bishop (Lane): "Flowers may wither, Leaves may die, Friends may forget you, But never will I." From Helena Doslea: "Gertrude now, Gertrude forever, Park now but not forever." From Elaine Currey (Rocker): "May your life be long and sunny and your husband short and funny." Yours till the Mississippi wears rubber pants to keep her bottom dry. From Nellie Cheney (Her father was the Baptist Minister): "When the golden sun is setting, And your mind from care is free. When of others you are thinking, will you sometimes think of me?" From Esther Mandeville: "Life is a beautiful picture, so paint it well." Yours 'til bird dogs fly. From Bob Bowman: "Remember me in your school days, Remember me on vacation, Remember me on your wedding day and send me an invitation." His P.S. is in Latin. My Latin is a little rusty and knowing Bob, I had better not print it. From Jean Halsey: "Twinkle, twinkle little star, Far above the trolley car; If the Car goes off the track, Do I get my nickel, back?" Yours 'til the cream puffs. From Sam Dome: "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, But there is no one sweeter than you." xxxxxxxxxx From Ardis Marie Pittenger: "When the golden sun is setting and your mind is free from care. When of others you are thinking, Will you sometimes think of me." From Margaret Farley: "Just a few original lines, , .

Yours 'til the mountain peaks and sees the salad dressing." From Christina Hough: "When you are old and gray, may you be as sweet a woman as you are today." From Earl Schreib: "Mary had a little lamb, she fed her on tin cans, When the lamb had young, they were all Ford Sedans. Don't do like Mary did." Earl's sister Margaret Schreib (Bischak) contributed the following: "All I have to tell you is what the preacher told his son, Be good and you will be happy, But you will miss a lot of fun." Doris Jean McLaren (D'Arcy) wrote: "May you remain the same

Unchanged, except your name.'' ...and Irvin Brooks wrote this: "Fifteen years from tonight, You will have a lover that will hold you tight'' Forget me not (Red). Little did he know that it would come true. My dear brother was up to his old tricks. Dear Sister, "Violets are blue, tulips are pink, Roses are red and as hard as your head.'' Your brother, Roy Park...and he added, "As long as your head is hard.''

So much for another week of foolishness.

— Country Cousin

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