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Reliving the 1932 Almont news

January 28, 2009
Is it time to once again immerse in nostalgia? We 'golden-oldies' may enjoy and you young 'uns may get a kick out of and enjoy learning of Almont 'way-back-when.' In the Almont News section of the Lapeer County Press reported by Miss Bess Reed, she reports the following in January of 1932.

The following students leave this week after spending their vacations here. Helen Wayko, Muir Gibbs and Alvin Balden returning to Ypsilanti; A.J. Thomas resuming his studies at Detroit City College; Mary Bryce (Spangler), Loretha LePard (Terry) and Hilda Waltz (Bowman) to Lapeer County Normal; Ann Theresa Yoder, Lyle Yoder, Graham Terry, Donald Bowman, Eva Bristol to Michigan State College in East Lansing.

Bands to join in concert here. A band concert will be given by the Almont, Yale and Armada bands in the Almont High School auditorium on Thursday evening, Jan. 14, at 8 o'clock. Miss Ada Bicking, state director of public school music, will be the guest of honor. The Yale band is composed of 65 pieces, Armada 30 pieces and Almont 42 pieces, and will each give a special program.

Almont Clubs: The Women's Reading and Social Club met with Mrs. John F. Hopkins Tuesday afternoon in her home on east St. Clair Street. The roll call was answered with proverbs. Wednesday Bridge Club met with Mrs. John Weyer.

Honors going to Mrs. Lee Johnson and Mrs. J. S. Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gould were hosts to the Social Club in their home Thursday evening for a 7 o'clock dinner and evening of cards. First honors were acquired by Mrs. Roy Veness and Dougal Bryce; second Mrs. Dougal Bryce and William Hamilton. (Remember Jay Gould with his ever-present cigar in his mouth and very dirty in his fix-it shop or, whatever it was? But, he cleaned up pretty good.) Entre Nous Club. Mrs. Ross Braidwood entertained the club for a 5:30 dinner and bridge last Thursday evening, Mrs. Harry Bowman will be hostess on Jan. 22. Mrs. Russel Angle pleasantly entertained the members of the I.D.K. Club in her home north of town on Friday afternoon. 500 was played at three tables with honors awarded to Mrs. Colin Bryce and Mrs. Rufus Overdorf. Makio Bridge Club met at the home of Mrs. Archie Burke. Four tables of guests were in play during the afternoon with honors awarded to Mrs. Fred Farley and Mrs. Floyd Park. The Webster Community Club was entertained by the joint hostesses of Mrs. Charles Warner and Mrs.

Archie Burke Friday afternoon. Following the 1 o'clock cooperative dinner, a miscellaneous program was given. The regular communication of Almont Lodge No. 51, F&AM, was held Monday night in their hall. The Almont W.C.T.U. has announced a Victory Day program on January 17 to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of the 18th Amendment. The Betterment Club of the Retherford School District will hold its regular meeting in the schoolhouse Friday afternoon. Odd Fellows held a dancing party in their hall Friday evening and it was well attended. The annual oyster dinner of Almont Grange No. 478 was held Wednesday noon in the community room with about 50 in attendance. C.V. Yoder and Erwin Green were in charge of the affair. On Saturday, Jan. 16, at 12 o'clock, noon, the church bells will ring to observe the twelfth birthday of national prohibition. The prayer hour of the W.C.T.U. (Women's Christian Temperance Union) is at noon. Over 40 attended the Missionary Society of the Congregational Church at the home of Mrs. J.M. Turner Friday afternoon. A short business session presided by Mrs. Florence Shoemaker was followed by a delightful program. A vocal duet by Mrs. Paul Bretz and Mrs. Frank Ring, a reading by Mrs. Warren Finch and a solo by Dorothy Hamilton made up the program. A cooperative supper was served. Almont members of the Almont W.C.T.U. met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Katie Cameron. Rev. H.H. Cheney, pastor of the Baptist Church, gave an interesting talk. The annual meeting of the Grace Tabernacle will be held Thursday afternoon. Rev. E. Lynwood Crystal has announced that a cooperative dinner will be served at noon. Place of meeting is the community room (the basement of the Library). Mrs. R. Angle will be hostess to the Economy Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon. Two tables of guests will be in play. Mrs. A.A. Walker will be hostess to the members of the Current Events Club on Monday evening Jan. 25. Topic of the program is Old Settlers Day. The Civic Club held their regular meeting in the Congregational Church dining room Monday evening. Leon Bishop and Earle Cochrane was the committee in charge.

Yes, Almont was quite the social hub back in the '30s. Sad to see empty buildings on Main Street. In Cochrane's store in the four corners, you could buy groceries, clothing and dry goods and if you had to go potty, use their three-holer at the back of the store with the orange colored squares of tissue paper that the oranges came wrapped in. Bowman's Drug Store next door was where we bought our school books and supplies, wallpaper and what fun sipping an ice cream soda with friends on the high stools at the soda fountain. Red and Bob Bowman picked out my diamond from their jewelry catalog.

Ah yes, great memories.

— Country Cousin

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