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Step into future with faith

January 28, 2009
Armageddon is right around the corner!??!

The end is near!!???!

No! I don't believe so!

I believe there's a lot of artfully-good living to do here on this earth yet. Personally, I've got a lot of things to do and lots of people to see!

Now, the question remains… how are we going to live the rest of our history out?

Afraid? Hiding under a rock? Burying food and weapons in our yard just in case a war breaks out tomorrow? I hope not!

I'd like to spend the rest of my days loving people, cooking and baking for others, gardening, growing in my sunpit greenhouse and sharing lots of how to's with needle arts. Helping others get back in touch with the basics of life.

Yes, having food reserves is important but it's even more important that it's not coming from a fearful place. A person could get downright paranoid here. We need to keep a grip on the negatives. We must not get too over-wrought, but move on without the rose-colored glasses—be very aware of what is going on around us. With a healthy balance we can help one another through tough times.

We're in a cycle that many civilizations have gone through before us. Only now in our time of history, it's a worldwide shift in thinking and how we are living. We're all a part of it whether we want to be or not.

Often we find ourselves in situations beyond our control. I do have some good advice on this because I've lived it since it was given to me over 25 years ago by a very wise woman, my Grandma Ri'. "Work on things within your control, then, in prayer—let go of the rest."

Now to do that you need a faith in something bigger than 'self' or it won't work. And looking at the state of our world I am most grateful for having Jesus in my life. Without Him, none of it would make any sense and living a fruitful, 'out-loud' life impossible. But as much as I believe in Him this article is about pressing on to the future. I'm not a preacher, I'm a believer.

With that being said, it is my prayer for President Obama and our First Lady, that they take time to listen to their maker on how to lead this country, not to the politics of our day. I see the hope in everyone. I pray they are able to deliver answers that so many are seeking from them. I pray they are surrounded by wisdom and truth. That with eyes wide open they lead a blessed path for all of us.

It is my personal hope they seek answers to fuel and energy possibilities here in the U.S. To wake up to the importance of embracing the family farm as an answer to good food sources for all and to protect our country and the Christian values it was founded on.

We live in a constant changing world. Nothing, yes, nothing stays the same. So as we readjust our lives to this global shift, know I hold all of you, my readers/customers in prayer. May you find blessings in this new life being presented to us, new discoveries of love for our families and neighbors, a deeper faith in God, to guide and protect us. A divine confidence in the skills and talents we've been blessed with in order to forge ahead with our futures looking brighter.

My wish for you as we embrace this new year is that your life be overflowing with His Peace and Joy, beyond your understanding. May we continue to reach out to one another with love and press on to build a strong community spirit wherever we find ourselves.

Be good to yourselves and God Bless! Happy New Year! May it be blessed with all your dreams coming true and surrounded by loving people.

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