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It's show time in Imlay!

Refurbished Imlay City Cinemas will open its doors to public this Friday

Remo Querciagrossa is in search of an L and an O as he posts the movie listings for this weeks three feature films. After many months without a theater in town, the Imlay City Cinemas opens for business this Friday, Jan. 16. photo by Tom Wearing.

January 14, 2009
IMLAY CITY — For the first time in two years, the large marquee near the intersection of M-53 and M-21 is advertising first-run feature films.

Formerly the Cinema III, the newly-renovated "Imlay City Cinemas" will open the evening of Friday, Jan. 16; ending a long entertainment drought for local residents.

New owner Remo Querciagrossa says nearly every square foot of the facility has been "refreshed, repainted or refurbished" in anticipation of the theatre's re-opening.

Querciagrossa, whose family has been in the theater business for three decades, says he and his staff at Imlay City Cinemas will adhere to some specific principles to ensure future success.

"We will operate under three important edicts," he says. "They include customer service, cleanliness and a team atmosphere among our employees and management. Those standards will be expected and required."

Although he had hoped to open to customers before the Christmas holiday, a heavy snowfall delayed completion of the 20-year-old building's new roof.

Now, he says, the theater is prepped and ready for customers; including upgraded projection and sound systems, an enlarged concession area and new carpeting in some areas.

"The picture and sound quality will be better in all three theaters," Querciagrossa says. "We've upgraded the projectors and are using higher-wattage bulbs for a clearer, sharper picture. Two of the three theaters will feature Dolby digital surround sound."

During the week of the reopening, Imlay City Cinemas will feature two first-run movies and a popular attraction from the most recent holiday season. The films include: "Mall Cop," "Hotel For Dogs," and "Bedtime Stories," featuring Adam Sandler.

"We want to start off with some good family films," says Querciagrossa, adding that providing variety and new releases will be key to the theater's success. "We'll diversify to include G and PG-rated movies and films for more mature audiences.

"Our intention is to be here for the long term," he says. "We want to reach out to all of the local communities. We want people to feel that this is their theater; their theater of choice. And we're willing to listen to all complaints, ideas or suggestions; as well as any compliments."

Querciagrossa says that once the business is up and rolling, he intends to make the theater available to school, church and service organizations for special showings; as well as to car and bike clubs during the summer months. He also hopes to collaborate with local businesses and restaurants for mutually beneficial promotions.

While Querciagrossa promises his customers first-run films, an upgraded facility and excellent service, he stresses many will come just for popcorn.

"We'll have candy, nachos and fountain or bottled soft drinks," he says, "but the popcorn is my own special recipe — which I prefer not to divulge. The quality and flavor of our popcorn is excellent."

Along with the upgraded amenities, the new owner offers pre-purchased tickets and will accept customers' credit or debit cards.

For more information, call the Imlay City Cinemas at 810-724-0348.

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