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A collage of holiday memories to tuck away

December 31, 2008
It's the morning after Christmas—time to do a little inventory of memories that were made over the holidays.

Last weekend—the one we spent in the Kalamazoo area—surfaces to the forefront. We had spent Thanksgiving Day with all our kids and grandkids, as we have the last few years, calling it a Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration, freeing all of them to have Christmas morning in their own homes or with their in-laws. So last weekend was a bonus.

Out of the blue, or so it seemed, we received a phone call from someone whose name we didn't recognize on the caller ID. But when we heard the message, we were so excited, we determined to do everything within our power to accept the invitation the caller was extending to a 60th birthday party for her dad the Saturday before Christmas.

Marcia Muller had grown up—which, of course, we had known. But we hadn't known her married name. We knew, too, that her dad, Jay, had become a paraplegic as the result of a terrible accident some years ago. So when we heard that she and her siblings, Melissa and Michael, were hosting that party, we got out the map to see how far it was from our daughter Karin's new home in Augusta.

"Not far at all," Karin assured us. "Come spend the night. And Sunday morning we're going to Kolene's program. I'll see if she can get extra tickets."

That sealed it. We took a few weather-related risks—ones I'd be willing to take again (though I wasn't the driver). At the end of the party, Jay said: "Some of you know I'm dealing with some medical issues. There's medicine...and then there's medicine—like this. Thank you all for coming."

That alone made the trip worthwhile. So did seeing Dennis and Karin, Logan and Katie in their new home, even though they're still hanging pictures and those kinds of things.

But Sunday morning!!! Wow!!! After breakfast fit for royalty, we headed for Richland Bible for the eighth of nine showings of The Eighth Day—Imagine... Creation to Christmas. (Karin called it Kolene's program simply because she—one of our daughters-in-law-helps coordinate the activities at that church, had already invited us to come, and Dennis and Karin have been attending there also and were planning to go.)

In spite of having to leave Logan home with Daddy because of a bad case of laryngitis and a barking cough, and the threat of blowing snow, we were soon engrossed in an incredibly well presented account of God's Story from creation to the present via the manger and the cross.

"Now that is what Christmas is all about," I'm thinking, as I sit here mulling over the whole experience. "That's the collage of memories I'll tuck away in my mind."

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