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Reverse psychology worth a try this winter

December 10, 2008
I'm trying a little reverse psychology.

Okay, so it's a little challenging since I'm the patient, too. But I figure it's worth a try as: 1) I have no other options and 2) There are no other options.

I'm here to extol the virtues of winter. Winter! Winter! Behold, Winter!

That lovely, delicate season where the entire outdoors becomes something like the inside of my freezer—that wonderful, overstuffed, mystery-zone where ice cubes for drinks, ice cream for cravings and Zesties seasoned french fries for my active, healthy lifestyle live in complete harmony, ready to indulge my every whim.

Winter is so fabulous because it's really, really cold. I like cold things—as cited above. Yes, cold things can be precious and delicious! And they're cold! Frigid, in fact. Like everything gets in the wintertime and I just love that! Yes I do!

'Tis the season, yes indeed. I love tugging on two sweaters, a coat, scarf, boots and fingerless gloves before stepping into the great freezer outdoors just to start my car so I can see out the windshield as I motor down my ice rink of a driveway. I love that! I really, really do!

It's so much fun. After all, sure footing going up and down the steps—hauling water up the ramps of the duck and chicken coups—is BOOOOORING. Who doesn't for months on end want to teeter on the brink of relative good health and a wildly bruised, can't- rise-from-a-seated-position-in-less-than-30-minutes, tailbone? Who in their right mind would want to miss out on all that Michigan fun??? And it's free! Accessible to all who live in the Great (frozen) Lakes State.

Let's face it, winter's a blast! Literally! Those blasts of frozen air every time I step outside make it really, really hard to stay in the sleepy, warm, filled-with-contentment zone. Who wants to be there? Not me. Not one bit. I love shivering! It burns calories! It makes signing a check in the drive-up window line interesting and exciting! The teller might ask if it's a forgery and it's thrilling explaining that that's really your signature.

Winter's a virtual and literal wonderland, yes it is. The driveway's like glass, and who doesn't like glass? It's a smooth, seamless surface where the midway at the county fair comes to life right outside my own front door! Bumper cars—a slippery slide ride. It sure perks up the end of a long day in the pitch darkness when you're just trying to pull into your parking spot.

Winter is great. It's truly great to walk into a house that has become a great, big walk-in refrigerator, just like the ones they have in fancy restaurants and all! I love it. It's a real time saver as any leftover food that I don't feel like wrapping up and putting in the fridge will keep because gosh darn it! the whole place is a fridge! Right on!

Winter adds to fuel economy for many of us busy women, too. It's a real time saver. You can go to the grocery store at lunchtime and pick up whatever you need, milk, sour cream, frozen vegetables, and leave it in the old vehicle until it's time to go home. No after hours trips to the grocery store. No extra trips home to unload the goods. It's a beautiful thing.

It snows in winter and snow is just fabulous. It's white and frozen and I can relate to that. I really, really can. And it's flaky. I can relate to that, too. Who'da thunkit? Me and snow being kin and all? It's a beautiful thing. Yes, indeed. Espec-ially when it's covering the road. I really like that. Who wants to see where the ditch is? I don't need to go there so why see it? I especially like the two-track ruts that snake blindly along the way. It's all about trust and I'm all for that. I like wondering if the guy that drove on the snow covered road before me actually knew where the lane was. I like the feeling of anticipation, of knowing I'll find out when I encounter the first oncoming vehicle of the day!

Winter's especially wonderful because it's so long. Frosty pumpkins in October and frosted tomato plants in June are fabulous reminders of just how lengthy this outstanding season is.

And I, for one, am so happy about that....

...Yea, really, really thrilled...

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