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Chiefs, Spartans open mat season with wins

December 10, 2008
TRI-CITY AREA — The Capac and Imlay City wrestling teams both wound up with 2-0 mat standings in non-league wrestling action last Wednesday night at Imlay City High School.

Capac opened their two-match stint with a 49-23 win against Sterling Heights Stevenson.

A group consisting of Brandon Schalm, Brian Kulman, Clay Colwell and Derek Gottschalk led Capac with victories via the pinfall route. Schalm needed just 52 seconds to dispose of Chance Saier at 130 pounds; Kulman required 2:29 to stop 140-pound foe Cody Ciamramitaro; Colwell took 3:30 to defeat Ramsey Beard at 152 pounds; and Gottschalk needed 1:09 to turn back 160-pound counterpart Mark Kavaloik.

Shawn Kaiser (215) and Pat White (285) provided Capac with triumphs by void.

Matt Schuman gave Capac a win by major decision at 103 pounds, accomplishing the feat with a 22-12 outcome versus Jeremy Dalton.

Mason Day, of Imlay City, works for position against a Sterling Heights Stevenson mat foe. photo by Kevin Kissane.

Jeff Connell and Tom Bolday also prevailed for Capac. The former notched a 6-3 win against 145-pound adversary Evan Culberson and the latter secured a 4-0 victory over Andrew Regan at 171 pounds.

Later that evening, Capac registered a 48-31 triumph against Cass City.

A group consisting of Joshua Kaiser, Kulman, Connell, Gottschalk, Bolday and Shawn Kaiser paced Capac with wins via the pinfall route. Joshua Kaiser took 2:49 to down Jim Merchant at 125 pounds; Kulman needed 1:39 to stop 140-pound rival Jacques Weilbac; Connell required 1:49 to upend Kevin Dorland at 145 pounds; Gottschalk took 46 seconds to defeat 160-pound foe Kurt Reif; Bolday needed 1:15 to stop Josh Jensen at 171 pounds; and Shawn Kaiser required 1:22 to conquer 215-pound counterpart Nick Adkins.

Cody Neuman (103) and White (285) added victories by void to Capac's cause.

Imlay City started their two-match stint with a 53-25 triumph against Cass City.

Jake Scillian, Sam Lyscas, Kevin Ahrens, Ethan Walker, Nick Nivison, Mason Day led Imlay City with wins via the pinfall route. Scillian took 3:02 to down T.J. Marker at 119 pounds; Lyscas required 1:24 to best 125-pound foe Jim Mercher; Ahrens needed 26 seconds to turn back Jaques Weilbach at 140 pounds; Walker took 2:52 to conquer 145-pound counterpart Kevin Dorland; Nivison required 4:56 to beat 4:56 to upend Clark Walsh at 152 pounds; and Day needed 44 seconds to beat 160-pound adversary Kurt Reif.

Josh Scillian (103) and Josh Timmer (285) provided Imlay City with victories by void.

Mike Galanos added a triumph via the technical fall route to Imlay City's cause. Galanos claimed a 17-2 win against Jon Crouch at 112 pounds.

Later that evening, Imlay City secured a 39-34 victory over Utica Stevenson.

Jeff Roth, Ahrens, Walker and Nino Mosher paced Imlay City with triumphs by pinfall. Roth needed 52 seconds to defeat Chane Saier at 130 pounds; Ahrens took 1:45 to best 140-pound rival Cody Ciamramitaro; Walker required 2:30 to stop Evan Culberson at 145 pounds; and Mosher needed 2:45 to down 171-pound Mark Kovalcik.

Josh Scillian (103) and Timmer (285) gave Imlay City wins by void.

Lyscas also prevailed for Imlay City that night. Lyscas secured a 5-3 victory over Steck at 125 pounds.

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