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The clock ticks ahead...not so much

December 03, 2008
This has been going through my head for days:

Time flies, except when you're working out.

Time flies, except when you're in line at the drive- up bank window and the person in front of you is signing the back of their check, filling out their deposit slip, rearranging their entire financial system and discussing the weather and grandkids with the teller long after the little slide-y window thing has opened and closed and they collect their envelope and papers and their foot is still on the brake because the brake lights are still on and you're already ten minutes late for an interview.

Time flies, except when you're up on the roof clothed in ratty gray coveralls and dingy cotton gloves slog-ging smelly decayed leaves and twigs out of the sodden gutters and you say to yourself "just a little more until I'm done" and the 1,200 square-foot house you live in suddenly seems like a 6,000 square foot mansion.

Time flies, except when you're six and seven and eight and ten and twelve and you can't wait to be a grown up so you tug on every single moment you can and when you're asked how old you are you say "six-and-a-half."

Time flies, except when you're waiting for that return phone call after you talk to someone who has to go in a hurry for reasons you don't really know but they have to and say "Can I call you right back?" and you say "sure" and then you wonder what the meaning of "right back" is.

Time flies except when you walk into the restaurant and you're really really hungry because you skip- ped lunch and it's late and you're seated right away and the server is rushing to and fro from table to table and never even once glances your way.

Time flies except when you're on the side of the road in a vehicle that suddenly dies and stubbornly won't revive itself and you call triple A and get that sinking feeling that the operator has no clue where you are because you repeat the crossroads a thousand times and you wonder if the triple A tow truck driver guy will figure it out and find you.

Time flies except when you've planned a really really great surprise for someone that's going to just knock their socks off when the day of the surprise finally rolls around and it seems like it never will.

Time flies except when it's winter.

Time flies except when you're waiting for that delivery guy or repair person who's supposed to arrive "between noon and 5 p.m."

Time flies except when there's no electricity and your basement is filling up with water and there's nothing you can do about it.

Time flies except when you're on an anticipated road trip to somewhere you can't wait to get to.

Time flies except when it's 2 a.m. and you're wide awake and wish morning would get here so you'd have a legit reason to get up instead of keep trying to get back to sleep.

Time flies except when you're at the Secretary of State's office and you've taken your number and it's 45 and they're on number 32.

Time flies except when you're at an event that was supposed to start 15 minutes ago and it's still not starting and you don't know why.

Time flies except when you're waiting for your paycheck and hoping you'll get it to the bank in time.

Time flies except when you've got nothing new to say and no ideas to write but have to do it because you've got so many other things to do before more time passes and you end up with something like this...which seems to take forever.

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