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Thanksgiving at Grandma's house

November 26, 2008
Thanksgiving Day and weekend is just around the corner. In addition to being overwhelmed and thankful for my many blessings, I indulge in a bit of reminiscing. I am certain I have shared the following with you before but, maybe you missed it.

My earliest recollections of Thanksgiving are of the long journey to Port Huron to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my Grandpa and Grandma Miller. Soapstones were heated for our feet and brother Roy and I were cozy among horse blankets in the back seat of our Model T Ford. It wasn't a straight buzz on I-69 to Port Huron then. It seems like we went through Riley Center and Goodells, over-the-river-and-through-the-woods-to-Grandmother's-house we went.

Grandma's house smelled so good when we arrived. Her traditional dinner fowl was goose. She always tried out a new recipe for us, usually in the vegetable department. I wasn't much on vegetables back then. Her pumpkin pies were yummy. One time while vacationing there in the summer, a neighbor invited us over for pumpkin pie and it was the most gosh-awful tasteless stuff, I could hardly choke it down.

Grandpa and Grandma lived only a block from Pine Grove Avenue, across from Pine Grove Park. The location of their home is now a parking lot for the hospital. On Friday we would walk down to Pine Grove Avenue to catch the streetcar for shopping at Sperry's. I loved those beautiful, big old homes that lined Pine Grove Avenue. What a shock when I was in Port Huron last week to see they were GONE to make way for an addition to the hospital. For a second I thought I was lost. The streetcar conductor was a friend of Grandma's and husband of the lady who made the yucky pie. I wondered what other food he had to endure. When reaching Sperry's, Grandma ushered us to the basement where there were toys, especially beautiful dolls in tiers lining the walls. Oh my! Grandma asked which one I liked and the saleslady got it down for me to hold. She was dressed in a dainty blue dress and bonnet. Her name was Daisy. That will be my Christmas story.

'Way-back-when, Norman Vincent Peale had in the Guideposts magazine a take-off on Psalms 118:24, "This is the day which the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.'' He suggested that on Thanksgiving Day we alter it just a little and say, "With all my faults, I am a living, breathing, feeling, caring, helping, struggling, loving creature that the Lord has made...the only one that He has made in exactly this way. Today and every day henceforth I will rejoice in this knowledge...and be glad in it.''

God loves you and so do I! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

—Country Cousin

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