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Tena offers a new perspective on daily grind

October 22, 2008
In the background, a recap of the night of fun and laughter—complete with mutual compliments—shared by the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, just played on GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

Then came a clip reminding us that of course the candidates tell us what we want to hear, and, by the way, no one man (or woman) can, in the end, fix all the problems in our lives.

Between those two segments was one of a corporate group, trusted with our well being, looking for us to bail them out even as they partied, at clients' expense, in a way most of us have never even dreamed of, much less been able to afford.

Then comes: "Wall Street expects you to bail them out, but who is going to bail you out?" And, wonder of wonders, an eating establishment promises to help by feeding you breakfast for $4.99.

I understand politics involves debating the issues; I'm glad the candidates can be civil toward each other and laugh together; I understand perhaps company execs and their spouses need some downtime to offset the heavy heavy discussions they need to have in the face of today's economic climate.

But the whole "ball of wax" made me ask: "Is nothing new under the sun?" Somehow that mulling of thoughts reminded me of a copy of a document someone had given me almost half a year ago—one I had wanted to share.

Signed by State Representative John Stahl, Senator Jud Gilbert, and Governor Jennifer Granholm, the document was a tribute to a local woman on the occasion of her 100th birthday.

As the three, on behalf of the state of Michigan, congratulated Tena Molter Meyer, they spoke of the tremendous cultural, sociological, and technological changes she had seen. To quote from the tribute: "The many events of Tena's life have infused her tales of family history with an authentic, colorful flavor that only experience can provide. Living and tasting of life throughout this period has given Tena insight and wisdom few of us can fully appreciate."

Now, she would probably have a perspective worth listening to. Not to say that John McCain and Barack Obama don't—of course they also have valid perspectives. We all do. But when you've lived a whole century, you've seen a lot of living and gained a wealth of wisdom.

So, as I wish you a very belated happy birthday, Tena, I would ask you to pray for our nation and for the next person who will assume the mantle of her leadership.

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