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Fire trucks, food, fun a great mix in Almont

Robert Bachholzky explains firefighter Don Smith’s empty locker to grandson Kevin Heim during pancake breakfast at Almont Twp. Fire Hall. photo by Catherine Minolli.

October 15, 2008
ALMONT TWP. — Kids, fire trucks, food. It's the perfect mix for family fun as evidenced at the annual Fire Prevention Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Almont Township Ash Sifters auxiliary.

A steady stream of families made their way through the new fire hall on Tubspring Road on Sunday. Among those were Steve and Bonnie Palmer who, with their 5-year-old son Kameron have made it a family tradition for the past three years.

"The breakfast is good and the kids have fun," Bonnie says. "As you can see, there's something about kids and fire trucks. They're not shy about having their picture taken."

And plenty of photos were snapped off as Kameron and a host of other youngsters climbed all over the antique fire truck the department rolls out for the event each year.

The combination of fire trucks and food is such a kid magnet that Djusta Martini decided to extend her son Lindon's birthday party to the fire hall.

With a crew of nine youngsters in tow, Martini says this year's breakfast landed at an opportune time—though they've also attended it annually for the past few years.

"It's Lindon's 9th birthday and we knew the kids would have fun here," Martini says. "The food is great, the kids definitely got a lot of food down, and they're having a great time."

The Gojcaj and Nuculovic families were counting on a good time as well. And though they'd never attended the pancake breakfast in the past, they got everything they counted on and more.

"It's great for the kids," Drita Gojcaj says while enjoying breakfast with her husband Sander and youngsters Dominic, 2 and David, 4. "The kids are looking forward to playing on the fire truck. Kids love fire trucks."

Fire trucks weren't the only item of interest for longtime resident Robert Bachholzky and his 8-year-old grandson Kevin Heim.

"Kevin's grandfather Don Heim was on the fire department, and his uncle Eric (Heim) is still on the fire department," Bachholzky says.

Bachholzky points to an empty equipment rack that bears firefighter Don Smith's name.

"There's no equipment because Don's been transferred to Milwaukee for two years," Baccholzky explains as Kevin looks on.

Adding to a community legacy was also on the minds of John Wrobel and Scott McLean, scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster of Almont Boy Scout Troop 128.

The leaders brought about 15 Scouts ages 11-17 to help out at the breakfast on Sunday.

"The Fire Department is a charter representative for our troop so we're happy to be here to help them out," Wrobel says.

Firefighters and Fire Chief Paul Wilcox also helped out all day, volunteering their talents at the grills, in the kitchen and throughout the hall.

Firefighters Mike Alfonsi, Will Johnson and Derek Stine prepared the pancakes, potatoes and sausage while fellow firefighters David Ackerman and Wade Martin served the food up piping hot.

"We're keeping busy," Ackerman grins.

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