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Beautiful cycle of life is all around us

October 08, 2008
Editor's note: The following guest column was written by Reverend Rod Robertson. A native of Chicago, Robertson is a self-employed businessman who works and lives in Lapeer. An actor, Robertson often takes the stage as a member of the Lapeer Community Theater Group. He also operates his own production company, Skymanitou Productions, which is set to perform a 'Monster Murder Mystery Dinner' just in time for Halloween on Oct. 25 at the American Legion Hall in Lapeer to benefit Dreamcatchers for Abused Children. For tickets or more information call 810-664-9312.

Fall. I love the fall. The cascading leaves in a multitude of reds, oranges and yellows. The cool breezes and that wonderful smell that accompanies the end of summer. Yes, it's decay but it paves the way for rebirth. The leaves fall to fertilize the soil to bring forth new foliage.

I love to walk in the woods on a mild fall day as the leaves fall around me in a farewell dance. They meander gently to the earth in wisps of wind and cool breezes. They caress the air and tease the animals running about preparing for the long winter's nap. The air hints of the promise of winter's chill and a time to relax around a cozy fire.

It's a time to drive along the Huron lake shore and see how the views have changed with the accompanying chorus of autumn color. Pumpkin stands and apple orchards are abundant and filled with nature's bounty— pies, candies and breads. Arts and crafts lend an old country charm to many a roadside stand. Fall recipes peek from within the menus of various hidden cafés and restaurants. A million apple pie recipes waiting to be discovered, sampled and enjoyed.

Apples. Such simple pleasures these crimson orbs. The multitude of uses that tempt the taste buds and leave one thinking of home and Grandmas and family. Nothing better than the "competitions" between Grandmothers to see who could create the newest tantalizing pie that would be talked about for weeks to come. Apple pie, pandowdy, taffy apples, sausage and many other delicacies were created during those wonderful times. As I go about my fall journeys I shall seek these hidden treasures and hopefully find one or two that might have met the strict standards set by my own two incredible Grand Ladies.

I love to see the decorations that accompany fall as well. The cornstalks, pumpkins, colorful wreaths of fallen leaves and folksy, nature-inspired crafts. I think so many people find a moment or two to catch their breath in the beginning of fall. It's such a great time to take a moment and appreciate the Universe's artwork—spread out on the canvas of our world in full, blazing colors.

Fall signals the beginning of the 'real' holidays: Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Yule and Christmas. Times to celebrate a new life and new hope. As the leaves fall they symbolize the ending of what is and the coming of what can be. They allow us to watch a cleansing of sorts and take part in the building of a new life. What a miracle!

May you all build a life of hope, love, strength, compassion and peace.

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