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'Interconnected' in surprising ways

September 24, 2008
They're having a special memorial service for the late Rev. Douglas Asamoa at the First Congregational Church in Imlay City this Sunday.

Tom's story detailing the story in this issue reminds me of what a truly great person Rev. Douglas was. He embraced this community, walked on this planet in this little neck of the woods with ease and found remarkable and profound things to say about everything. From his crisp proper English-type accent to his dazzling bright smile Rev. Douglas was a person one doesn't easily forget.

I interviewed him a number of times for various reasons, not the least of which was his experiences when he returned to his native Ghana. Always operating from "an attitude of gratitude," Rev. Douglas was the only living human being through which I heard the word "interconnectedness." I had previously read it often in several books about Buddhism, but no one had ever spoken about it with me. I used the word in a direct quote from Rev. Douglas. He said he wished more people would understand "the interconnectedness of all human beings..." So did I. Still do...

...I know all human beings are interconnected, but I must say I am a bit shocked to learn how interconnected I've been to Wall Street. A simple little writer like me all hooked up with the big wheeler dealers in those dynamic suits and Rolex watches and all! Had I known I'd have thrown a party—with champagne and everything.

Worry not, though. I promise this newfound ownership in the mega-million dollar mean insurance and mortgage investment business...won't change my humble position in the least.

I know some letter writers will sharpen their pens immediately upon reading this but in case they don't I feel compelled to point out that an early prediction in a letter to the editor a few weeks back has come true. Except Barack Obama has had nothing to do with it. While it kind of stretches the true definition of the word that was used, this foray into a rather unique form of socialism—the redistribution of wealth among the wealthiest—occurred before the election! It's hard to predict the future, but I'll say the prediction was half right on this one, though it was posited that it'd take Barack to bring about the dreaded s-word. But alas, that was wrong. It's here now.

Never in a thousand years would I have guessed that the IRS and little old me would be all tied up in the high-powered world of high-finance without even so much as a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. While I was busy figuring out the relatively simple stuff—like how to keep a roof over my head—I was actually taking ownership in all sorts of stuff that's, well, literally over my head!

This has changed my entire future! Perhaps I'm not so bad at math. Perhaps I've just been too darn good at math all these years. Addition and subtraction. Debit and credit. What comes in and what goes out cannot exceed each other—or so I thought! All those teachers who tried to prove that was so! And I believed it! Just like I believed I'd never in a thousand years be an investor in the mega-million dollar world of high finance through the simple and required act of paying my tax bill. What an opportunity for a simple woman like me! I mean I would have lived my entire life "investing" in tangible things like my fuel oil bill, the car repairs, insurance, food...All the stuff that wouldn't have merited a bailout at all. Oh, that's right. It's not my bailout! I don't get one! Okay, okay. I have to admit I wouldn't have known what to invest in had Uncle Sam not stepped in and made me do it.

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