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Door opens to progress

By owner requests, 130 acres to move from twp. into village limits

September 17, 2008
CAPAC — At their meeting today (Sept. 17), the St. Clair County Board of Commissioners is expected to approve the annexation of 35 acres into the village limits.

It would be the fourth parcel of land with frontage on the west side of Capac Rd. to be granted annexation from Mussey Twp. by the county in 2008. As with the previous properties, the village proposed annexation to county officials is at the request of landowners Ron and Kim Tosch.

While they wait for the final stamp of approval from the state and the addition of 130 acres overall into their village maps, officials are putting the welcome mat out to other landowners.

"We're open to anyone else who wants to come in," President Mark Klug said.

Manager Chris Crary points to large tracts of land along Capac Rd. that have been annexed into the village limits, pending state approval. photo by Maria Brown.
"We want to be ready when the economy comes around."

Since realizing the creation of 180 jobs and a boost to their tax base with the arrival of Keihin Michigan Manufacturing last year, the village is hopeful they can recruit additional industrial or commercial development. Annexing large tracts of land and rezoning the property helps attract businesses looking to build. Manager Chris Crary said the village master plan calls for rezoning Capac Rd. frontage as commercial and the remainder as industrial.

The village was also bolstered in their plans after the county announced they'd like to create a 300 to 400 acre industrial park. Crary has attended several informational meetings and the village has continued to voice their interest. Still, both Crary and Klug acknowledge they have a long ways to go before securing a couple hundred contiguous acres.

"The county is looking at the bigger picture," Crary said.

"We'd like to see growth."

That's why Crary said he's been exploring options to create a smaller industrial park, independent from the county's plans. He's slated to meet with utility companies DTE Energy and Consumers Energy to determine the feasibility of such an undertaking. But that's only the beginning.

"We'd have to upgrade our sanitary and storm sewer system and then look at the lagoon system and possible expansion," Crary said.

"Every time you turn a corner, there's another issue."

Whatever direction future annexation or development takes, the village said they don't want to overlook Mussey Twp.

"We aren't trying to grab township property," Crary said.

"We've had a good relationship with the township and want to maintain it."

Capac Food Center was the first to request annexation of their 12 acres along Capac Rd. Soon, neighboring Country Side Banquet Hall with 25 acres and the Deilla Co. with 57.6 acres followed.

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