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Strains of 'If You Could See Me Now' echo

July 30, 2008
With the strains of If You Could See Me Now still filtering into my soul, I'd unlocked the back door and let myself in.

"I think I need to record this," I had said to myself, and headed straight for the computer.

Yesterday I had noticed Marian Sisson's name posted as I drove past the funeral home, and made a mental note to tell Mike. While neither of us had known Mrs. Sisson very well, I knew Mike had known her husband, and I knew he'd want to pay tribute to the woman behind the man of whom my husband would often say, "If it can be fixed, he can fix it. And if someone says it can't, he'll figure out a way."

So we had gone to Muir's, but unfortunately we had gone too late; and I had said I would go to the funeral today at 11:00. I rounded the corner after my 10:00 appointment, stopped home to change into something a little more funeral-appropriate, and pulled into the back parking lot at West Goodland at 11:18. I sneaked in the back door and elevator and into the rear of the sanctuary just in time to hear Pastor Pam telling some funny little anecdotes and read my favorite Bible passage about the God of all comfort. After that, other friends and family members told their little memories of a woman who, by all accounts, had been a huge presence in many lives. The family motto seemed to have been something like: "Dad makes the rules; Mom enforces them."

So, when it came time for Pastor Pam to talk about that God of all mercy dispensing both mercy and grace, the groundwork was already laid for her to describe mercy as sort of like "not getting the spanking you deserved" and grace as "not only not getting the spanking you deserved but getting a piece of warm apple pie to boot."

Thinking to inconspicuously make my way through that same elevator and back door again, having parked in the back parking lot just up the hill from my house, I hit the ignition. And there it was. On the car radio. I don't know in what order that will all happen. But it was almost uncanny, as though I could almost see Marian, shaking her finger and saying, "Now, don't y'all go cryin' fer me. If you could only see me now...walkin' on streets of gold...etc., etc..

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