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Plane rides highlight of '30 Homecoming

July 30, 2008
Living on Kidder Road brings back a few memories, though they may be a bit distorted. I do know that the farmhouse across from Orchard Primary, on the northeast corner of Tiffany and Kidder Road, belonged to the Roy Kidder family and they farmed that land. Their daughter, Bernice Mae graduated with my brother Roy in 1938. Roy Kidder had a brother Harry who lived on south Bristol Street and he was our rural mail carrier at one time.

What is now a subdivision on the southeast corner of Almont and Kidder roads was once the Hallock farm. The beautiful Hallock farmhouse stood on the hill on the south side of Almont Road, now occupied by several homes. In 1926 there were no homes on the north side of Almont Road just beyond the village limits. On the last day of school that year our teacher chose that spot for our picnic. Several mothers, including mine, drove us to a pretty spot by the small stream, a branch of the Clinton River.

Up the hill south of Almont Road on the west side of Kidder Road was once the Bob Rollins farm. When my parents sold the farm on north Shoemaker Road, we moved into Almont and my father worked for Bob Rollins. He decided if he was going to be farming for someone else, he might as well buy his own farm. That farm was my home for 76 years. The Rollins farmhouse is the fourth house on the west side of Kidder Road off Almont Road. At one time much later, Glen and Narcia Wells lived there where our 'gang' had many good times.

During the Almont Homecoming of 1930, an open-air, double winged airplane gave rides from a field near Kidder Road on the south side of Almont Road. I remember there were steps placed at the fence, one set going up the fence and the other going down for people to have access to the field.

I have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and if anyone in my ballpark age-wise has found a mistake, let me know and I will correct it. I don't want to disillusion anyone.

— Country Cousin

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