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Happy to be back at my home sweet home

July 23, 2008
Hi! I am HOME again! Back to my Home Sweet Home town of Almont! Whatever possessed me to leave my Queen on the corner of Hough and Shoe-maker Roads? I felt insecure after my acquaintance Marie Warren north of Lapeer, was bludgeoned to death. Her late husband and Red were in the Lapeer County Sheriff's Posse, now the Lapeer County Mounted Posse.

It all boils down to the fact that 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks,' and 'all is not gold that glitters.' Independence Village Retire-ment Home is a wonderful place, always kept spick-and- span, the staff are wonderfully eager to please and I even thought the food good. I guess there are always those who complain, complain, complain. The dining room hostess was a joy and the high school kids who waited tables were courteous. I made many new friends, especially my next door neighbor Barb Manges. She moved in a month after I and we bonded immediately. She has called twice and says she misses me terribly and will go to her cottage at Tawas City for a few weeks. I miss her also. But, it just wasn't home. I did enjoy the great shops in Frankenmuth, renewed my knitting skills(?) at Rapunzel's, people-watched in the lobby of Zehnder's, and Daisy and I found a pretty little spot on the Cass River to watch the Bavarian Queen River Boat cruise by. Z-Bakery in Zehnder's basement was irresistible and every once in a while a piece of strawberry-swirl cheesecake would jump out at me.

Daisy and I are settled in. Well, in but not settled, in Don and Carol Heim's rented apartment. I love it and the setting with a branch of the Clinton River babbling alongside. The Clinton River also meand- ers across our '45' and like the story "Paddle to the Sea,'' I think it would be neat to put a little boat in on the '45' and watch it sail past my apartment and on to the St. Clair River. Of course, it would never make it this far but, I can dream, can't I?

It was so good to be back at the organ in my 'little Church in the Wildwood,' West Berlin United Methodist, and a family gathering at the pond last evening. Granddaughter Wendy and her dog Trixie pitched their tent there for the weekend.

Anyway...I'm HOME! Granddaughters Carlee and Crissy went to Frankenmuth one Saturday to help pack. "We knew we would be coming.'' "What do you mean?'' I asked. "We knew you would be moving back,'' they replied. "Well, why didn't you tell me?'' I asked. "Because you had to find out for yourself!'' And I did.

— Country Cousin

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