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Can't grow celery in Chipmunk Cove

July 16, 2008
This'll be the first time any of y'all have herd from me so I kindly ask yer indulgince cuz I jist can't keep my lips zippt any mor.

Lucky fer me 'Mr. Editir' Ms. Minolli (yea, she's a gurl) has alowd me to speek my peece aftir passin along the newspapers with Celery City Charlie's notes from abroad—especially last week's with Charlie thots about the crosses in Frankenmuth and all that.

Befor I go any further let me formally introduce myself: I'm nown by a very few round these parts as I stick to myself mostly but for these perpuses I'll call myself 'Chipmunk Cove Cathy.'

Now things arnt so fancy in Chipmunk Cove like maybe they are in the Bavarian Alps and all, but its pretty and peeceful (when its not stormin') and peeple mind themselfs and we kinda like it that way.

And you know how chipmunks are, what with there penchant to live simply on a few nuts and seeds and to make sure there prepared for the long cold winters. There pretty busy jist about all the time concintratin on that kinda stuff and on not gettin eeten by all the preditors of the world so they tend to mind there own. Its tuff bein a chipmunk cuz there so littel and don't hav long sharp claws or big boomin voices. But that doesn't meen there not smart. There quick and tidy and caushus and hard werkers. What they do in there own burrows is not for the world to see. Its there own bizness.

Chipmunks jist wanna live and let live as they say, and that's kinda the way the peeple I know here in Chimpumk Cove are.

So when old Celery Stalk Chuck started gettin upset about reeding a story about sum guy in Frankenmuth complainin' about the crosses on bridges and a 70 foot cross in the city park and what have you I jist had to say sumthing.

Chuck says "seems as though some guy, who doesn't believe in God, moved to Frankenmuth and then discovered thet the people in Frankenmuth take their religion serious like."

Chuck sez he doesn't "see how the presence of a cross in a city park or on the city emblem is forcing anyone to believe in any particular religion."

He points out, and ritely so I might add, that Frankenmuth's not forcin this guy to go to church or nuthin like that so he shuldn't have any beef about it.

Chuck sez when a country "loses its moral compass and religious values" its on the "downside of its existence."

Now I don't claim to know a thing about mans chances for existence what with the things we do to natur and Mother Earth and all, but I do know that one person of a faith (or none) that differs from the majority in this country dusn't meen peeple have no "moral compass." Last time I checkd, this continent's aboriginal peeple were real spiritual, held life and nature and the Creator in the highest regard. There compasses worked jist fine until sum Europeans thot they needed to be fixed.

Tho theres supposed to be a seperation of church and state (clearly defined by our forefathers) and the freedom to practice one's faith (also clearly defined) it seems Chuck wants those definitions to apply sorta selectively.

From my little corner here in Chimpunk Cove a religious icon on city own- ed property or on a city emblem sorta blurs that seperation we're all so hot to have when its good and convenient.

Wonder how Chas wood feel if Dearborn adopted a Muslim icon for use on there city emblem, city hall, cop cars, uniforms and what have you and then put a big statue of it right in the middel of the city park and that's where he lived with no cross in site and no chanse of gettin one.

In Chipmunk cove peeple can wurship a tree trunk or an eagle feather for all we know or mind, jist as long as they don't make everone else do it by puttin that tree trunk in the middle of town. Even if the majority of folks here in the Cove were tree trunk wurshipers we woodn't think to truble someone who didn't feel the same way by supportin' any move whatsoever to let the tree trunk worshippers or eagles' witnesses put there stuff all over the place.

Everyone who wants too is free to go to their forest or watchtower or church and satisfy there spiritual needs. That's kinda how we like in in Chipmunk Cove. Tho admittedly its a tuff place to grow celery.

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