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Celery City Charlie's downright cross 'bout issue over crosses

July 09, 2008
Editor's note: The following is another installment in a series of "observations" submitted by Celery City Charlie, whose wit and wisdom have appeared in these pages for 20 years or so. When he's not on the links or traveling abroad, Charlie lives in, well, Celery City...uhm I mean Imlay City, the former "celery capital of the world."

Dere Mr. Editer:

I'm gonna diverge jist a bit from my reporting on our travels in Europe to write you about sumpthin thet is goin on at home. While walking down a street here I found a newspaper shop and bought a paper called the 'International Herald & Tribune.' I guess it is published by the New York Times. Anyhow, Michigan, or at least Frankenmuth, made the news. I red the story with interest but the more I got into it the madder I got.

Seems as though some guy, who doesn't belive in God, moved to Frankenmuth and then discovered thet the people in Frankenmuth take their religion serious like. Seems as though thet before he moved he never saw any crosses on the bridges or the 70 foot cross in the city park. It were only after he lived there fer a while they he noticed them he claims. He sez thet these crosses make Muslims and Jews feel uncomfortable. I wonder how he knows thet. Peers as though he thinks he is on a mission from God to remove God from the community.

The good citizens of Frankenmuth, whose ances-tors emigrated from Germany and brought there strong Lutheran faith with them have risen up and are fightin this attempt to change their community. I say, good for them. I guess I'm too old to understand how the presence of a cross in a city park or on the city emblem is forcing anyone to believe in any particular religion. If'n the city of Frankenmuth were tellin this atheist thet he had to go church, had to be a Lutheran, or had to follow the Christian faith, thet would be a horse of a different shade.

Sumtimes I jist wonder what is happing to our country. Seems as though a bunch of people want to remove God from the public square, promote homosexual behavior as being normal, and say what is right and wrong depends upon the situation. You know Mr. Editer thet I ain't no prude but there comes a time when the good people have to stand up and say "enough." If'n the foundin fathers would know what is bein done under the purview of "freedom of religion" and "freedom of speech" they would roll over in their graves.

Personal, Mr. Editer, I belive thet a country thet loses its moral compass and religious values is on the downside of its existence. I don't know thet we're there yet and with good people like those in Frankenmuth, ceptin one, there is a chance we won't be.

Yrs. Truly,

—Celery City Charlie

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