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Celebrating 90 with family

June 25, 2008
What a wonderful surprise 90th birthday party Ann LaHaie's family gave her. It was held at the Almont Park on beautiful Sunday afternoon, June 15.

Ann's family began arriving around 1 p.m. with tons of food. Friends arrived at 2:00 to greet Ann when she arrived with a space reserved for her arrival. She had been told she was going to Tietz Restaurant in Imlay City but, "Oh, we have to check on something at the park first,'' she was told. When Ann saw all the cars she assumed they had come to a tennis game. As she got out of the car a tremendous roar of "Surprise!'' met her.

Ann was born on a farm near Cheboygan on June 15, 1918 to Francis and Selina LaPorte. She lived on this farm until she married.

Ann met Ray LaHaie at a dance. First he asked her to dance and then asked for a date. They were married on September 8, 1936, bought a farm near Cheboygan which Ann still owns.

Ray and Ann had six children, Nat Friedenstab - Almont, Jim (Karen) - North Branch, Sharon (Don) Dombrowski - Almont, Raymond (Madeline) - West Virginia, Theresa (George, deceased) Vanlerberghe - Berville, Pauline (Alan) Brooks - Almont. They had 23 grandchildren, 47 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild and expecting two more soon.

Ray came to Almont in 1954 to work for the Ford dealership. Ann and the children came in 1955. They bought the Sinclair gas station and Ann had "The Spot'' restaurant and was well-known for her great pecan rolls she made from scratch every night for her Hurd Lock customers.

Ray and Ann, Currey and Jo Millikin, Red and I had a great trip to Alaska. Ann and I are the only ones left and we still enjoy reminiscing the fun we had. We left on June 5 and didn't return home until August 16. We took our time and enjoyed not being hurried. We arrived in Prince Rupert, B.C., and spent a day relaxing before boarding a ferry on June 22 for the Inside Passage to Alaska.

Put Thursday, July 10 on your calendar for the Strawberry Ice Cream Social at West Berlin United Methodist Church.

— Country Cousin

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