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'Talkin' poly-ticks' across the pond

June 18, 2008
Editor's note: The following guest column is the second in a series of travel columns written by 'Celery City Charlie,' whose wit and wisdom has appeared on our pages here and there for almost 20 years. While he's not traveling, Charlie and his wife life in Imlay City.

Dear Mr. Editer,

I gotta tell ya Mr. Editer thet I am finding this travelin is lot more fun thin I thought it might be. Almost everywhere I look there are beer gardens where I can sit, drink beer and eat bratwurst. If thet ain't heaven its close. Anyhow one night me and the Missus went out to eat early, found a nice lookin place with outdoor tables and a good view of the Mosel River. Sat down and got to talking with two German couples at the next table. One of the men had worked for VW and had come to Detroit several times. Well when he found out we were from Michigan, he asked us to join thim and we did.

It weren't long afore one of them asked me how I was gonna like havin Obama as president. I didn't answer right off but sed I kinda like to know what is the feelin over here about Obama. One woman sed it were about time the U.S. elected a black person cause of all the wrongs done to his race fer so many years. She went on to say thet the world had jist about enough of "Cowboy" presidents killing poor innocent Muslims. Well Mr. Editer, you know me well enough so as to not be afeared thet I might say sumpthin thet weren't too diplomatic. Discretion is my middle name. I were about to ask a question when her husband agreed with what she sed and went on to say thet we were at fault fer the twin towers bein blown up. Accordin to him Obama will use diplomacy, not guns, to convince the Islamists to change their ways. At thet point I had to ask jist what it were thet we had done to justify an attack on our country. Well Mr. Editer, thet opened the floodgates. It seemed they were all talkin at once but what I got out of it was thet we treated the Arabs badly and made thim angry, we had troops in Saudi Arabia and we supported the Jews.

My Missus kinda jump-ed in and asked thet if all thet were true, how was Barak Obama goin to change it. The answer she got was thet since he opposed the war, his people had been oppressed and he had a Muslim father with a Muslim name, they hoped he would be reasonable. Well Mr. Editer, I sed Neville Chamberlain was reasonable and what did thet git him? I'm thinking thet some of the Germans are like the French. They will always be there when they need us.

I asked how can ya have a reasonable discussion with people who cut people's heads off on T.V.? I tried to point out thet fer over 30 years we have been attacked, not the other way around. It didn't really matter. They felt sympathy for the poor Palestinians and we helped the Jews destroy them and take their lands.

Mr. Editer, I hate to say it but I kinda got the impression thet anti-Semitism is alive and well. I could see thet I weren't gonna change any minds so I jist sed thet I think it ain't gonna matter none cause John McCain is gonna be the next president.

At thet point the food came, I bought thim all a mug of beer and changed the conversation. Personal, Mr. Editer, I think thet they like Obama so much cause he is a left wing liberal with appeasement tendencies. Thet matches much of the European thought from what I've seen…….and, sadly, a lot of American thought also.

Auf Weidersehein

Mr. Editer,

—Celery City Charlie

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